Hi, I’m Kris Stokes with Custom Fitness Personal Training Studio. And today I thought I’d ask, to wait or to go for it? It’s kind of the new question a lot of people are asking. There’s all sorts of turmoil in this unique situation that we’re in, all sorts of what feels like chaos, just not really sure whether to go forward or just stay where you’re at or to go backwards or how do we navigate this new normal, if you will. The norm has shifted.

We really can’t do our regular routine right now. And for a lot of people, we thrive on routine as humans. That’s just what we do, and I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve worked with in the last 20 years that their routine is eating the same thing every day or exercising at the same time every day in the same place or going to work every day the same way. And a lot of times we get stuck in that routine. So right now we’ve been given this glorious opportunity to be kicked out of our comfort zone and allowed to make a new decision, a new decision of do we wait around for what might be, or do we go for it?

So I’ve got a lot of people sitting on the fence about things, and I can tell you that if you had goals six weeks ago, you still have goals. If you wanted better health six weeks ago, you still want better health. If you wanted to lose weight, you probably still want to lose weight. If you wanted better balance, you still want better balance. The problem is now how do we get those things because before we knew, okay, I wanted to improve my health. So I went to the gym three days a week, and I ran on the elliptical, and I did this class, and then I lifted some weights or whatever it may have been. And now my gym’s closed.

So sadly that’s leaving a lot of people to turn around, sit on their couch, and say, well, I’ll just wait for it to reopen, I guess. Well, that may be months. We don’t know. We don’t know how long that’s going to take. I certainly from my end, hope that it’s not, but it certainly could be. And so what do we have to do about that? Well, we’ve got to make a new decision. We’ve got to figure out something new to do in order to adapt to this new interim normal, if you will, so that we can move forward.

Now the other thing to realize is that whenever life opens back up and this unique situation is gone, we may not return 100% to the normal that we had before. We may be looking at a new normal at that point. And now that everybody has, for the most part, experienced what a Zoom call or a Facebook Live or an online meeting looks like, there may be a lot more of that involved in things. There may be a lot more opportunity for people to receive services in different ways. And so I don’t think waiting until the whole world opens back up is the best way to deal with your goals that you had and with your health because right now, more than ever, your health is the absolute most important thing. If we don’t protect our health right now, then we end up contracting viruses and other things. So if we can protect our health through eating well, through exercising, through doing all the things that the CDC recommends and all that kind of stuff, then we’re going to protect ourselves in the longterm. But if we’re sitting on our couch just hoping not to get anything and hoping that this will all just disappear, we may be sadly mistaken over the next few months because it may take a little longer than what we’re hoping for it to clear the air.

So I wanted to adapt that situation of sitting and waiting and give you the food for thought too that it’s time to adapt and grow, to look at the situation around you and maybe try some new things, try learning new concepts or looking at doing things a little differently. I had a client telling me that they couldn’t quite get their workouts in because their kids were at home. And if the kids are outside, they have to be outside. And I politely mentioned that they could do their workout outside while their kids were playing. And it was like this eyeopening light bulb experience of, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I can do that.
And I had another one telling me that they couldn’t eat healthy because they had extra family that had been quarantined with them, and they had different ways of eating. So we discussed how we could share ideas and kind of work back and forth and take that opportunity to teach people healthier ways to eat. Again, light bulb moments.

So we want to keep adapting, keep growing, keep thinking outside the box because we’ve been kicked out of our comfort zone box. And those four little walls are so nice to be in, but we’ve been kicked completely out of that. Nothing right now is in our comfort zone. So we needed to look at how do we move forward with this.

Well, one way that we do that is by maintaining our healthy eating habits, maintaining our exercise habits, and making sure that we spend time on self care each day. So there’s a lot of things that we need to be looking at and moving around with. But these are three things that we should have been doing before as well. And maybe you did, maybe did a great job of taking care of yourself and eating and exercising well. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe life was too busy, it was too much to try and throw that in, and it just didn’t seem worth it.

Well, right now it’s worth it. Right now, more than ever, you need this. And you need something more than just a workout. If you’re doing a workout app, that’s great. Keep it going. But maybe we need to think beyond that. Maybe we need to think beyond just going through the motions and actually getting a plan that makes sense for our body and how to put those things together. Because just like working with my clients and explaining the differences of how to workout outside with kids or how to eat differently with family in the house, that’s the type of custom work that we do for our clients each day. We want to help our clients to be able to adapt and grow through this situation and to figure out. And I can’t tell you how much it’s warmed my heart that so many of our clients have been sharing with me that they’ve been sharing with their family members about all the things they’ve been learning at Custom Fitness over the last few months to years. They’re getting excited about sharing these things because they feel like they are a center of knowledge, and they’re able to do that with others. And that is awesome.

So if you are experiencing that where you feel kind of lost, you don’t really know which direction to go. Well, it starts with a plan. Sit down and make a plan of these are the things I’m going to do this week, and this is where I’m going to fit it in. And then the next step is tracking it, making sure that you’re doing it, being held accountable. So if that’s something that has been a struggle for you over the last few weeks, getting your workouts in, eating well, being sure that you’re being accountable to doing those things, feel free to give us a call. (806) 322-3188. I’m also going to post a link below here because we are offering a great special right now, one of those shelter in place type of specials. It’s going to be great.

But I know that a lot of people are scared to try virtual training. They’re scared to get online and do it because it doesn’t feel the same as in the gym. They don’t have the same equipment. That’s okay. Our virtual training involves your body, and if you have equipment you can use equipment, but otherwise just your body. If you need equipment and want to do that, we can help you do that. We can help you set up a home gym type setup if you’re wanting that. Or you can just have a couple pieces of equipment there, like a couple of bands or a dumbbell or something that would work. But a lot of our workouts can be done with body weight.

And I just want to invite you to be able to come in and try us out virtually through our live workouts and through our on demand workouts that we have available for our clients. And right now we’re going to do is the next 30 days are going to be $30. So if you want to sign up, it’s $30 for the next 30 days. And that way you just get a chance to try it out. There’s no longterm commitment. There’s no scary fear based anything. It’s just come try us out. See if you get extra help, if you can get the extra help that you’re needing from what we’re offering. So feel free to give us a call. (806) 322-3188 or click on the link below.