Senior Fitness

Have specific physical limitations that limit living life well?

Got nagging aches and pains?

Still trying to gain full movement back after shoulder, knee, or back surgeries?

Does your body not recover like it once did?


Personal trainers are not just for those looking to drop a few pounds or add speed to their next triathlon. Many trainers focus on medical exercise, with a passion for helping clients live life well. Regardless of the client, the goal of therapeutic personal training is the same: to achieve your optimal level of health and wellness by teaming up with Custom Fitness and designing a program tailored to your needs. Therapeutic training is also designed to alleviate symptoms that are associated with specific conditions or ailments.

Movement is Life

The key to living a healthy and vibrant life is maintaining flexibility and functional fitness. Think of this as exercising to make your daily life even better (ie. loading the groceries in the car, playing with your grandkids, working in your garden or keeping up with your golf buddies).

Exercise limited to the typical gym equipment isn’t functional. It doesn’t allow your body to go through complete ranges of motion or account for the body moving through a walking/gait pattern when lifting up your grandson. Not to mention that weight machines can actually cause more issues for your joints instead of less. It’s imperative that you train the body in a way that enhances your life, not limits your life.

Our approach at Custom Fitness is just that! We focus on functional exercises and equipment that are gentle on your joints and start you off from where you are now (without comparing you to anyone else).

You’ll receive a physical assessment to help your personal trainer know just what your body can do and where any areas of imbalance or weakness may be. They will design a custom exercise program for you focusing on the goals you’re wanting to reach and will make sure to gently progress it each week to encourage your body to rise to the challenge. 

No matter what your goal, we will be happy to help you reach it! Get started today.

Stretching & Mobility Sessions

There are plenty of reasons people decide to start stretching with Custom Fitness. Some people are looking to increase their flexibility, enhance their golf game, reduce pain and others want to reset their posture.

No matter what gets you started, the benefits of assisted stretching with Custom Fitness are astounding!

  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce muscle and joint pain
  • Improve Posture
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Increase Balance
  • Reduce Stress

Shortened muscles can increase the risk of falls and decrease independence in areas of the home that require flexibility (ie. climbing stairs or reaching overhead into cabinets). Assisted stretching can help you stay limber while avoiding injury and disability.

What does an assisted stretch session look like?

The client will sit/ lie on a cushioned table in comfortable clothing that allows for movement of the limbs and joints.The trainer will use a multifaceted approach of general assisted stretch, PNF, neuromuscular stretching and myofascial release to guide the client’s body into gentle and effective stretches. Each stretch will typically last between 5 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the issue and the client will be fully supported the entire time to provide stability and safety.

What does a mobility session look like?

The client will be more active in this session as they perform stretches guided by their trainer. The trainer will again use a multifaceted approach including things like myofascial release, yoga postures, floor and standing stretches (or a chair if needed). Each stretch will typically last  between 1-3 minutes depending on what the focus is for that day. These sessions are excellent for people who prefer a “hands off” stretching experience. The client can also request a home stretch program to do on their own.

How do you know where to start for your personal needs?

The only way is to visit with the professionals at Custom Fitness in a free consultation to work together for an ideal plan customized to your needs, budget, and real life!