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Amarillo’s Best All Inclusive Customized Personal Training Experience. At Custom Fitness, We Strive to Find the Best Version of You!


Keep your workouts on-track and focused with trainers who care.


Consistent support to answer any question or problem you may have.



Exercise to your schedule and what fits in with your lifestyle.


Proud to be an Award Winning Business!


In September 2019, Kris Stokes, Owner of Custom Fitness, LLC was recognized with the Governor’s Small Business Award in recognition of outstanding businesses in Texas.

“It’s such a blessing in my life to be able to impact the health and vitality of my local community, in Amarillo. That’s been the goal over the past 20 years, and that goal continues every day with each individual I coach. I am so grateful for this award, and for the opportunity to continue to make a positive impact in the community for many years to come,”. Small businesses in Texas make up more than 9 in 10 of all businesses in Texas… Learn more


We Offer A Variety Of Services To Help Our Clients Reach Their Fitness Goals
and Maintain A Healthy And Positive Lifestyle.

Fitness Training

At Custom Fitness we provide both private and semi-private training. Private training is for our clients that would like that personal and individualized focus without training with other clients. Our Semi-Private training is along the same lines except it is done in a small group setting, still allowing for that individualized focus from their trainer but in a more social setting. Aside Personal Training we also offer small group classes, limited to 10 participants!

Nutrition Services

Being Healthy and Staying Healthy isn’t only about the work-out that you engage in, it also centers around what you ingest into the body. Our nutrition services are complimentary and our trainers will work with you to find out what needs your body has in regards to nutrients and maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

Pre/Post Natal Training

Prenatal and Postnatal Training offers our clients the chance to explore healthy nutrition plans geared towards eating for two, as well as an opportunity to shed their baby weight and get their bodies back into a healthy place.


Virtual Training

Virtual Training gives clients the ability to workout with LIVE, interactive coaching.  This is a great option to continue training from the comfort of home, during travel, or even when circumstances make getting to the physical studio challenging. 


My greatest success has been looking in the mirror and saying an honest compliment about my body; My overall self confidence has gone up a ton. Improvements in my health: My blood sugar has come down into the normal ranges on a daily basis.

Sarah P.

I have a wonderful grand-baby now and I want to be a fun grandma, so I knew I had to do something. Kris has been wonderful. She understood my frustrations and has put me on a routine that has me feeling wonderful. Love Kris!

Staci S.
age 49

My greatest success while working with Custom Fitness has been afterwards, feeling more like a woman, which I am, I’m 67. But I really FELT old before starting the training with Custom Fitness. Kris has helped me feel younger and move around better. I even walk differently now!

Judith S.
age 67

Kris and the whole Custom Fitness team truly believe in their clients. My greatest success has been winning the mini me contest. Improvements In my health: The scales are moving!

Misty G.
age 50

My greatest success has been lowering my weight out of the 190’s and raising my activity levels. Improvements in my health: lowering my blood pressure and increasing my muscle tone and strength.

Michelle B.
age 40

After having taking some form of exercise all my adult life, I finally found Kris Stokes and her wonderful program. Hers is an exceptionally fine program. I feel better and am energized by Kris.

Catherine W.
age 55

After three months of working with Kris, I have lost 13.4 pounds, 9.5 inches and gone down two pant sizes——WOO HOO!

Shari E.
age 51

I have gone to Kris for four months. I have totally enjoyed the experience and have gained strength and stamina. I will continue because of the increase in energy and strength.

Paula B.
age 45

Need to get those flabby old muscles in better shape? Call Kris and the Custom Fitness Team. I did. I may not be Super Woman now but I can do a lot more things than I could before.

Carol N.
age 78

>With the guidance, support and accountability that Kris and her team have provided, I have become much stronger and have tons more energy plus I am 2 sizes smaller!

Melanie P.
age 50

Tiffany S.
age 42

Since starting with Kris, I have found a whole new way of looking at food (especially vegetables). My greatest success has been eating vegetables and losing 16 lbs.!!

Amy R.
age 44

As I complete each month, I am meeting these goals plus my confidence is on a whole other level. I feel better and can do more things and not get tired.

Jackie W.
age 40

I do not qualify for the “one workout fits all” category. Kris evaluated me and determined that my problem was that I am so flexible that I was at risk for injury. She customized my workouts so that I would gain strength and function.

Sarah M.
age 32

Kris has trained me for over ten years and I am sure that without her I would be an invalid. I’m told that I look 60 even though I am 77. Some of it is genes, but much of it is Kris’ training.

Pat K.
age 77

I have worked with several trainers in the past, but never found one that approached training in the holistic manner like Kris does. She tailored a program for me around some physical limitations and was instrumental in developing relaxation techniques as well.

Margaret H.

My greatest success has been feeling more self-confident and regaining the courage to go out and buy a bikini! Improvements in my health: I am not as tired, I have way more energy and overall my quality of life is better.

Tara T.
age 24

Knowing that there is a team of people committed to helping me reach my goals of better health, who offer accountability without judgement is always encouraging. My greatest success has definitely been the weight loss.

Diana M.

Linda K.
age 80

My greatest success has been my improvement in muscle tone. Improvements in my health: my acid reflux due to dietary changes; muscle endurance.

Meliea W.
age 29


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