Hi, I’m Kris Stokes from Custom Fitness Personal Training Studio, and today we’re talking about recalibrating, taking time to just reset. I don’t know about you, but since all of this stuff has started with the working from home, and the Zoom calls, and the phone calls instead of meeting people in person and just trying to keep up with scheduling….As much of an introvert as I typically feel like I am, I guess I’m more of a people person because I do better whenever I talk to people face-to-face, and whenever I have appointments who walk in the door to meet with me, or I meet someone walking in their door.

I feel like I am falling behind sometimes. I feel like my schedule gets off because I stay on a call too long and then I’ve got somebody else in a waiting room or my phone’s ringing and I’m trying to balance it all.

I think sometimes it’s good to just stop during the day and recalibrate. So what do you do whenever your day just keeps getting a little further behind? It’s kind of like a good hairdresser, right? They start out their day on time and by the end of the day they’re two or three hours off. And it’s not because they cut anybody’s hair slower, it’s because they got into a conversation with people, and they needed to talk and care about people and care for people. So through that process, the day just gets further and further behind.

I find that sometimes for myself, that happens, too, that one person needs more attention during the day than another, and I end up shifting things a little bit. As my day gets off, what do I do? I stop and I recalibrate, just like you would if you were driving using Google maps and you end up making a wrong turn, not that any person in my world would do that, but you make a wrong turn and the map recalibrates. It finds a new route for you, finds a better way for you to get there from where you’re at at that moment.

I think sometimes we live our life in black and white. We live our life saying in the morning that this is our schedule and this is how the day’s going to go and it’s all going to go according to plan. If all you have are Zoom calls and you’re really good about getting on and off at the right time, that’s great, but what if you’ve got other family members working at home and they need your help every now and then? Or what if you’ve got kids at home that need your help or they’re running in and out of a room and something doesn’t fall on schedule, then how do you fix that?

I find that the moment that I find that I’m off track, I take about a five minute break to recalibrate the rest of my day, to figure out where are we going to go from here? How do I make sure that the rest of my day is on track? And whether that is making sure that the children are engaged in a different activity or making sure that I have a different place to do my videos or just making sure that my schedule isn’t too tight, that if we need to rearrange something, we rearrange it.

So look at your day from the point where you feel the most frustrated and reposition everything going forward so that the rest of your day can be better. I think a lot of times we live in that frustration throughout the day and it just continues to get worse and worse.

And what does that lead to? It leads to less being present with our families that evening. It leads to less good sleep that night, and it leads to a harder day the next day because we’re trying to make up ground that we missed the day before. So give yourself a little grace and know that in this unique situation, and in life in general, we’re going to have days where we fall off track, days where things just don’t go as planned, and instead of suffering through it, because believe it or not, we get to choose whether we suffer or not in this life. Instead of suffering through it, we choose to stop and reset and recalibrate so that we can move forward in peace and power and feeling good about what we’re doing, rather than suffering and feeling anxious and frustrated about what we’re doing.

There’s really only two sides of our mental state of being, and that is to be in a primal state where we feel very frustrated and angry and anxious about things. We don’t feel good. And then there’s what’s called the powerful state, the positive state, where you can make good decisions, you can be more creative. And in that state, you feel things like joy and happiness and peace. And we want to operate as much as possible through that positive, powerful state, and as little as possible through the primal state.

The primal state will come back into our lives on a regular basis, and the biggest thing that we can do there is to stop and recognize it, and then that’s where that recalibration comes in. So if we recognize that we’re in a primal state, that these things are happening and we need to stop and acknowledge that and then recalibrate around it so that we can bring ourselves back into that positive state of being, which is going to put our mind in the best place possible.

I hope that that gives you a little food for thought today to wrap your mind around. If you would like to experience this new idea of online training, which Custom Fitness has actually been doing for about eight years, we would love to invite you just to come and join us and see what it’s all about.

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