Nutrition is Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Counseling includes: Diet History Analysis, Guided Meal Planning, Information on Healthy Food Choices, Information on Lifestyle Adaptions, and Information on Metabolism.

*Custom Fitness is not associated with a nutritionist or a registered dietitian and therefore cannot prescribe meal plans. Information given is about general nutrition and how to use food to fuel your body.

Lifting weights and doing cardio is imperative to any fitness regime, as is the right nutritional plan. Eating correctly to look good and feel great is a simple strategy that’s easy to get wrong without the right advice. By working with an educated professional, you can develop a nutritional lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals even quicker and make you feel better than you ever have.

Learning about healthy and nutritious eating alongside what you’re doing in the gym will change your life for the better in order to increase your energy levels, improve your metabolism, and even reduce the risk of certain medical conditions such as diabetes. At Custom Fitness, we are offering you an opportunity to have complimentary nutrition services alongside your workout regime to match your specific nutrition needs.

*Our Services Are Complimentary To Your Work-Out Plan*

Approximately 75% of your results (no matter the goal) will come from nutrition. Considering that the majority of Americans eat well only 20% of the time there’s a gap that needs to be addressed. To add to that, choose any well known diet available and you can expect it to work for only 1-5% of the population that uses it. 

We are one of the most educated nations yet also one of the most unhealthy and much of that is because of the American nutrition industry that truly wants us to FAIL. Harsh? Maybe. But the truth is that when you fail they make more money and quite honestly, I’m tired of it!

At Custom Fitness the goal has always been to “help people live their best and healthiest life” and that means we have to give them a solid nutrition foundation to stand on. With each of our memberships we include complimentary nutrition foundation coaching which means you get:

  • 4 one-on-one nutrition coaching sessions with our in house nutritionist to learn about nutrition foundations
  • Customized plan and plan updates throughout your time with us
  • Monthly Group Empower meetings to hear a brief seminar on a nutrition topic and then get to ask any nutrition questions you may have
  • Weekly accountability check ins to celebrate your victories, discuss your challenges and strategize for the upcoming week
  • As needed support – you can call, text or email questions any time or schedule additional sessions as needed for support.

We take the topic of health seriously and want to equip you with every tool you’ll need on your journey. Take the leap and get started today!

Nutritional Services Success Story

I started with Custom Fitness 2 months ago and my entire perspective on food has changed. Thanks to the information I have received, I have found that the right diet really does make the biggest difference in how I feel. I plan on continuing to improve. Thanks to the Custom Fitness team’s insights and motivation.

My greatest success has been that I eat better and my form and balance has improved dramatically.

My best advice for new clients is: Really stick to the plan. It can be difficult because it’s a lifestyle change, but it’s worth it. Even if you fall off the wagon, just jump back on. Each time, it gets easier

I have reached the goals of being healthier and I have lost 2 ½ inches from my waist and hips.

{Total differences: Weight lost 4 lbs, Body fat lost 4.7%, Inches lost 13 ¾ “,}

*Kaitlyn K
(Client for 2 months at this point).

Nutrition Is the Key Component to Any Successful Workout Regimen. With the Many Unhealthy Options Just a Short Drive Away It Is Difficult to Maintain a Healthy Diet During Modern Times.

Ready to go deeper than just foundations? 

Do you feel like you’re ready to go into more depth with nutrition or do you have a specific condition or diet that causes you to need more from your nutrition coaching?

Then you’ll love our Well Life Health Coaching services. Our certified health coach specializes in areas such as – anti inflammatory diets, food sensitivity/allergen diets, gut health restoration, prenatal nutrition, improving health conditions, creating custom habit/action plans, mindset and lifestyle coaching and more.

You bring the desire and we’ll give you:

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Custom plan including the things you and your coach have decided together to work on
  • Bi-Weekly Check In Phone Calls – to check on progress and adjust the plan as needed
  • Weekly Text Check In – to celebrate victories, check in on challenges and strategize for the week ahead
  • Access to our monthly group Empower meetings to hear a brief seminar on a nutrition topic and then get to ask any nutrition questions you may have
  • As needed support – you can call, text or email questions any time or schedule additional sessions as needed for support.

This service can be purchased individually or alongside one of our fitness memberships.

Ready to get the help you’ve been looking for? Get started today!


For the nutrition side, do you offer meal plans?

We actually don’t offer meal plans for 2 main reasons: first, people don’t do well with meal plans for more than a short amount of time, they don’t really teach you anything but how to use your willpower. Second, most people will try to shortcut a meal plan due to undesired foods or meals. What we do is teach you how to build balance, timing and creativity into your nutrition. We are not offering short term crash diets here, but instead helping you to build new habits of healthy living into your lifestyle to make all of your effort worth it in the long run as it becomes a lifestyle change you can maintain FOR LIFE!

So is this a “get set up and not talk about it again” thing?

Custom Fitness is completely the opposite! We not only want to get you going on a new way of eating to fuel your body but then we want to help hold you accountable by checking in with you regularly to see how things are going. We also meet frequently to help customize the plan for you as we go. That helps us to find just the right combination of balance, timing and foods for your body.

Are you going to help me shop?

While we don’t do your shopping for you, our team often offers grocery store tours lasting approximately one hour (for FREE) that will teach you what to buy, why to buy it and where to find it. These tours have been quite helpful in the success of our clients. When you have a better idea of how to shop and what to look for, it makes the eating side of health a lot easier.

Do I really have to read food labels?

Food labels are where it all starts. Without educating yourself on what a product holds within its brightly colored package, you won’t know whether the food product is a sometimes food or a not at all food. For more info on reading food labels, check out our blog at

Why do you call it a nutrition program instead of a diet?

While technically the word diet is defined as “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”, people have determined that the definition is instead something to the effect of, “a way to eat in order to lose weight”. We don’t believe in crash diets, we also don’t believe that just  losing weight is always the main issue. Most often, excess weight is a side effect of some sort of un-health within the body. When the body is brought back into a state of better health, the excess weight normally melts away. We want to help bring the body back into that balance by teaching you how to eat to fuel your body properly with nutrition programming instead of restricting calories just to lose weight (because when done in the crash diet manner, weight normally will come back, often with a vengeance and leave you much less happy).

Can I just do the nutrition part with you, or do I have to do the training as well?

Yes! We offer nutrition coaching as a stand alone service as well as a part of our personal training programs. If this is something you are interested in, we would be happy to discuss the options we have available with you.

What if I don't like the nutrition program?

Our nutrition program is built to be customized. We begin with the foundations of food based eating, simplify things to make sure they get done and then tweak to find the right balance and combination for you. We do not tell you what to eat for every meal but rather teach you how to choose food combinations and recipes that will enhance your journey here. We want you to be in control but to always have the support and help needed to feel in control. Most people (even the ones who think they would rather have the strict meal plans) after learning our simple approach, find that they enjoy the flexibility and power of choice that our program provides. We provide education, recipes, meal ideas and more. We want you to have the power of choice, be successful and make a lifestyle change…not participate in a 3 week meal plan repeated over and over.

I'm super busy, what if I don't have time to meal prep?

There are many ways and options when it comes to eating healthfully to support your goals. We provide advice on many different ways to accomplish your goals. From restaurant guides to pre chopped veggies and fruits, there are many ways to work around the time issue. What most of our clients find though is that as their results begin to show and their work is paying off, their priorities often begin to shift a bit and make more time for them to use towards their health endeavors.

If I have a clinical condition can you teach me how to eat?

I am sorry but we are certified sports nutrition specialists which means that while we can teach the foundations of food based nutrition and give guidance on supplements, we cannot provide meal plans for clinical conditions. We do however have relationships with  some local clinical dieticians that we are able to refer out to and would be happy to give you those recommendations.

I really don’t like vegetables.

We all have things we really don’t enjoy eating but we just wouldn’t be very good at our jobs if we allowed a huge variety of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals to go by the wayside and be ignored. Our goal is to help you find better health and your best body through exercise and NUTRITION. Nutrition isn’t defined as “eating what you want” but rather nutrition is eating to support the body and it’s systems. We’ve had many clients who haven’t really enjoyed eating vegetables come to us, but by the time they’ve experienced our simplified food based system, they begin to find that a few here and there aren’t bad and over time, they begin to notice that their flavor palette has changed a bit and they’ve been able to increase the amount of veggies they’ve been eating.