Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about time management and self care. This is going to be the first part in a two part series, so be on the lookout for part two coming soon. And if you have any questions about today’s blog, then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

It’s time that we all take a step back and stop letting time manage us, and instead start to turn that in a different direction. So, why would we want to? Well, self care has become a huge thing that has been largely ignored by most Americans. Plenty of other countries encourage self care from taking time off work to taking time for vacations. Even just taking time during the day to just breathe and relax – get your mind together a little bit. But in America, we are really trained and raised to work 24/7 and take as few breaks as possible.

I mean if you look at the statistics on how many people leave vacation time on the table and don’t even take it, and they may even get paid back for it later, but either way they haven’t taken the time to take care of themselves. No amount of money will rebuild your health at a certain point. So we want to start to take the time to take care of ourselves, pay attention to how we’re doing, and then help ourselves to be as healthy and well as we can be. If we are as happy and healthy as we can be, then we can continue to do the things that we want to do.

So what is self care? Well, self care can be anything from taking five minutes to deep breathe to taking a thirty minute break to walk around the park. It could be eating a good meal, eating said meal calmly and not in a rush to get out of the door or between phone calls. There are a lot of different ways that we can do self care, but the first thing is that we have to realize that it’s really about taking time for us.

If you’ve been reading for awhile you’ve probably heard me say that you are the bottom of your pyramid. Your friends, family, coworkers, everyone just stacks on that pyramid. So if you start to chip away at the bottom of that pyramid, then the whole thing will come crashing down. When that happens you can’t do the things that you want to do or take care of the people take care of. The only way to be able to do these things is if you are taking care of yourself first.

Our bodies require us to take care of them from any energy standpoint by eating well, and from an exercise standpoint to make us feel and move well, even to a mental and emotional standpoint of just being of sound mind. We have to have a lot of areas working together in order to make this area of self care, but it doesn’t have to be as huge as what most people think it does. Like I said, it could be as little as five minutes as day, it could be thirty minutes a day, it could be an hour a day, it depends on what you have time for. And that’s always the tricky question, right?

So, first we have to decide if it’s worth it to us. What is the self care that you need to do, and is that self care something that is important to you personally. So we know that it is important because it keeps your body running and helps you do all of the things in life that you want to do, but has it become enough of an issue yet to where it’s important to you. And through that, you’re basically doing an internal assessment of how important this is and if it’s really important then you are going to make time for it. If you’re not quite at the point where you think that it’s important, then you may not be making time for it yet.

That’s why when we have people come in and talk to us we have that conversation. We start off asking how they feel about the time that they’re willing to commit to this endeavor of health. We really want to make sure that we provide them with the right things to do what they’re wanting to do. Now, does that mean that we can’t help someone that doesn’t have a lot of time? No, those are actually some of our best clients. We really are able to give very efficient workouts in a very short amount of time, we’re able to give efficient meal and nutrition help to where they can find answers wherever they are at and be able to pick and choose what they do. There’s a lot of ways that we can help those people who don’t yet like they have the time because when it hasn’t been a priority up to now, you haven’t been budgeting it into your schedule, then it’s very hard to feel like you have extra time on your hands, right?

Okay, i’m going to end part one here and pick it up soon. If can’t wait for part two, or you want to know more about Custom Fitness and what we do here, then please give us a call. If you’re wanting the accountability and help with creating an action plan to see results, or are wanting to someone to help create a workout plan to push you to your greatest potential, then that’s what we’re here for. Our trainers are here to look out for you and make sure that you are meeting your goals in a safe way.

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