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Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo. Back with another look at your fitness. Today we are focusing on the “tricks” for a healthier life. You know what I’m talking about, the ones you see on Facebook boasting about “doctors hate him for his one simple trick”, “Losing weight is easy with this one small pill”, “live a life you love by drinking our shakes”.  If you have any questions about navigating through the myths vs. facts in fitness or nutrition, give us a call: 806-322-3188.

The Magic Pill

As people search for the answer to living a healthier life, they often are looking for that  the magic pill  that will speed them to their results while they maintain their current comforts.  It’s hard to imagine someone looking toned and fit when their diet consists only of McDonald’s. Common sense tells us we need to change our eating habits and maybe go for a walk more often than we sink into the couch for another TV marathon.  Yet, day after day I see people come to my personal trainers in Amarillo saying they are ready for change. When the trainers lay out the requirements for change the same people shirk away.  Hmm. Is it the effort that scares them?  Stepping out of their comfort zone?  or maybe they just really hate cooking. 

When I was younger I fell into the trap of wanting to look like the models I saw: thin, boney, but glamorous.  So I started, blindly, following whatever tips or tricks I could find. I overheard conversations of “miracle cures” and made a beeline straight to the shakes aisle at the store. Bought all the magazines that were covered in fitness buzzwords and looked up new workouts to see if I could lose weight faster. I counted calories until my brain hurt and tried eating terrible tasting “food” (I use that word lightly; have you seen the ingredients lists on those things?). I had no idea what I was doing, yes, but even more than that I was confident in who I was.  I wanted to look like another person. All of the “tricks” and actual good advice in the world wasn’t going to help me then. They won’t help anyone until YOU make a decision. You might ask yourself what the decision is. IS it whether or not to be healthy? IS it which diet or gym to join?

A Healthier Life is Your Choice

Everyone has to make this choice before any change for a healthier life can take place. You must decide and really believe that YOU are worth the work and time it takes. Coming to terms with this question was a feat for myself.  Why was I so interested in looking like these models at a lightening speed?  It was because I wasn’t putting stock into who I was. I thought to be happy I had to follow what the status quo says looks great and I had to do it fast; no one could know I ever looked the way I did.

That’s how these magazines, shake companies, and pill makers earn a profit: beat your self-esteem down enough to buy their product. Ridiculous.  So your choice is this: Are you willing to trade your self-esteem to buy into some marketing agent’s view of “attractive” or are you willing to give yourself the credit you are due, step up to the plate, and earn a healthier life?

It sounds simple but if you look at it and really buy into this, it works. You are worth every minute of the life you live in the body you have. You have to realize the 30 minutes for your workout isn’t taking away from your total time. It is adding on valuable years in your future, the extra hour or two of food prep is going to save you hours at a doctor’s office or pharmacy, and the feeling and confidence you gain will push your productivity through the roof.

Is That All?

These workouts do not just to do wonderful things for your physique; the health benefits are amazing. Taking the time for you and developing self-care habits have shown to diminish things like depression/anxiety, high blood pressure, prevent diabetes and cancers, and lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease.

My favorite thing about working out is the feeling of accomplishment when you are finished. Nothing compares to walking out of a studio, drenched in sweat, muscles shaking, thinking “Holy cow. I ROCKED THAT!” The endorphins released in a 30 minute workout are enough to get you in a good mood and to think optimistically about yourself. If you are one of those who struggles with self-image getting a daily workout routine going could be the thing you need.

The endorphins also help temper your frustrations. Had a long week at the office? Feeling annoyed by things left undone at the house? Still waiting for someone to call you back? Go exercise and then take a second look at what was bothering you.  There is a quote from the movie “Legally Blonde” below that I love.  It definitely points out this concept.

What Are You Going to Do?

SO, I’ve laid it all out for you.  There is no easy pill, no magic cure, no tricks that will fix you.  The future is going to be hard and I am going to pull you out of your comfort zone to help you on your journey, but that’s all I can do. Now is the time to look inside and ask yourself “am I worth it? Is my future worth it?” In my opinion, every person is most certainly worth it, but you have to believe it too.

Let’s get to work on a happier, healthier you (no tricks necessary)! If you have any questions about our personal training, nutrition counseling, or group classes and programs, or are just ready to get going, please contact us at: info@customfitness.biz or 806-322-3188. At Custom Fitness we are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas. Have a great day everybody.