Hi everybody, Kris Stokes from Custom Fitness Personal Training Studio. We are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo. Today we’re talking about the non gym solution vs the big box gyms. If you have any questions about today’s blog then please give us a call at 806-322-3188

Came up with a thought today of the non-gym. What exactly is the non-gym solution, and how does that compare to the big boxes? Right? The things that are popped up everywhere. It’s that time of year again, which got me to thinking about this because enrollment fees and membership fees are dirt cheap at just about all of your favorite big box gyms. Right? They’re trying to get you in for December, so you’re ready to jump off the year in January. That all sounds like a wonderful thing. Aren’t they so kind to give you dirt cheap offers to get you in? Well, they sure do make it easy to commit. Right? I mean the commitment is the easiest part, but do they actually make it easier for you to get healthier? Do they give you the roadmap to success?

That’s kind of the question. Right? I remember years ago hearing about a local gym that was offering beer to their members. Well, we all know that beer is, while it’s part of a fun lifestyle at times, usually won’t lead you to your weight loss, fat loss, health goals. At other gyms you hear about these great personal trainers, or personal training programs, and you step into it and you find out that it’s very little more than a cookie cutter program that they’ve written out and just copied repeatedly for everyone. Or a trainer or who maybe sits there and texts on their phone the whole time, or shows up late and just kind of sits there staring at you. It’s no wonder that people aren’t getting excited about these things. They’ve seen less than high quality, and been told that that’s what they can expect, and that’s really quite sad.

It goes all the way down to the group fitness classes, that while they’re are a lot of fun, and you really get to burn calories in there, you sweat a lot but do you always see results? Do you physically find the results that you’ve been looking for, or is it more of a social hour? I don’t mean that to say anything bad about anybody teaching, or the classes that you’re going to, or any of that kind of stuff because it’s lots of fun. It is. But if you break it down into, “What did I really go there for,” and “What did I end up getting,” more often than not, you find out that you truly didn’t get what you were hoping for. A lot of that comes down to well, several factors, but the biggest being that those boxes are in there to make money, have membership, but not necessarily bring you into health.

All right. What’s the non-gym solution? Well, the non-gym solution is boutique studios like us where we can take you beyond the home videos that you really aren’t accountable to. Right? You get all of these subscriptions, and you get these apps on your phone, all this kind of stuff. When’s the last time that you did that consistently? And when you do them consistently, did you see the results that you wanted? Well, a lot of times it’s because they’re very generically set up, or because you weren’t being consistent with it. Right? The non-gym solutions through the boutique studios, like Custom Fitness, again, they’re going to provide you with things like accountability, which is huge. I tell people that that’s like 90% of my job is holding people accountable to getting their work done. Now, that’s not with a gun to their head, or yelling like a drill sergeant. That is through caring about our members.

Our members are like family to us. They are not a barcode. We know each and every one of them by heart, and we know their problems, and we know their issues, and we know how to help them, and what their bodies need. That accountability is a huge factor. A done-for-you plan of attack. When you have a professional on your side who’s actually creating that plan for you, and helping you walk through that plan. Not just saying, “Here you go. Go and do it on your own.” I’ve seen that too many times where people get, say a meal plan, and six weeks later they’re like, “I didn’t like those foods so I stopped following it.” Or they got an exercise plan online, and they decided, “Yeah, I’ll do it,” and then two weeks later, it was done. Giving you a plan to do is one thing, but actually perform that plan with you, doing a done-with-you service, where we actually walk you through that, is a huge difference.

Complete nutrition coaching. “Complete” meaning that it’s not just supplements, and it’s not just a meal plan. It’s actually customized nutrition coaching to meet your needs, where you’re at, and fill in the gaps with anything that you need to make sure that you’re getting complete nutrition. Because we all know that nutrition is 70 to 80% of this health puzzle. Right? If we don’t have complete nutrition, and proper nutrition, our bodies will cease to do what we want them to do. Support, again, is a huge thing. Support is a lot like accountability, but support we need inside and out. We need to know that people are rooting for us. People have got our backs, and that we just really are on the right path, and so support is a huge piece of the puzzle there that you’re not finding at those big box gyms.

A comfortable environment. A lot of people are comfortable in the gym, and that’s fantastic. Other people are completely terrified of the gym. It’s the most intimidating place they’ve ever been. They don’t feel comfortable. They don’t know what on Earth all these machines are for. Well, that’s where boutique studios, the non-gym solution come in, step in, and take that place, and fix it for them so that it’s more of a home environment. It’s more comfortable, so that when they step in the doors, they’re not going to panic and run away, but instead they get the comfort of the support of our team, as well as the environment that they’re in. And it’s just what you need. You go to the big box gyms, you get just what everyone else needs. Right? You get the general population view, kind of that 30,000 feet overlook.

But when you come into a boutique studio, you’re more likely to get exactly what you need, what your body needs at the moment. Remembering that foundations of nutrition, foundations of exercise, stay the same, but each person’s body’s use them differently. And nutrition especially, we absorb different vitamins and minerals at different rates, or possibly not at all compared to other people. So if we’re just doing the same nutrition plan, or the same diet over and over again, our health will continue to suffer. But if we find what works for our body, and what our body needs at that moment, we’re going to see some amazing results.

I just wanted to kind of go over that non-gym solution with you today because it’s kind of, I don’t know, it came to mind as I was hearing some commercials on the radio, and doing some web searches today and things that just kept popping up. You know, “Gyms. Gyms. Gyms,” and really to know that there is another option. Sometimes people just don’t realize that there is. So if you are looking for a non-gym solution, something that will actually help you to not only to find happiness, but to find results, and to find better health, then we might just be the solution for you.

If you would like some help setting up a program that is unique and customized to your body to help you be able to get just the right amount without over training, feel free to give us a call at 806-322-3188 or email us at info@customfitness.biz Have a great day!