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Even though the holidays have come to a close, we are still riding out winter. So today I wanted to give you some ideas on how to burn fat while using the comforts of your winter foods.

A lot of the time when we think about winter and the cold, we think about the holidays and the junk food comes in. But now in the new year, it’s time to get back on track.

As a personal trainer in Amarillo, I have a lot of clients coming in this time of year to get remeasured and figure out where they’re starting from, and right now isn’t their favorite time to get remeasured. Sometimes the time to get remeasured comes while they’re still eating Christmas candy, but really that’s a great time to come in. They can use this point as a kickstart and they know in four weeks. If they’re being consistent with diet and exercise, they’ll be way better off than they were at the beginning.

This all ties in to something called “new fat”. Are you one of the people that gained new fat over the holidays? New fat accumulates when you eat and you gain-as the term suggests-new fat and the body hasn’t quite adjusted to it yet. The metabolism hasn’t quite tweaked itself yet to your new weight from that new fat. And so you have a little bit of time where if you take advantage now of the opportunity to be able to lose that fat, you won’t have any health issues that come along with that. But if you wait too long then it becomes settled fat. The body reacts to that, it changes the metabolism, and now then your metabolism is tweaked more towards the new fat than what you were before you had the new fat. This means that your metabolism is basically going to slow down.

If you (like most other people in America) have gained some new fat over the holidays, this is a great day to read this post.

So, we’ve been working on getting back in consistency with our client’s exercise and nutrition, and i hope that you’re doing the same thing.

So really when it comes to diet, it all starts off with all of the same foundations as always. But I know how it can be when the winter foods come in and it just seems so good to have those comfort foods. I’ll tell you what though; when it’s cold outside, really some of your best options are your soups, stews, and chilli.

You may be wondering why you could burn more fat eating those things. Well let me tell you first that if you’re eating a bunch of cornbread in there, or a loaf of bread with these things, then that’ll be an issue. But as far as the basic foods themselves, if you’re eating more soups, how many different types of vegetables can you throw into one soup? How many quantity wise can you fit in? Really it’s endless. You have a lot of options to throw in a ton of vegetables and get lots of different variety in there.

And really, though you know that you might not like to eat vegetables that much, they are really good for you. So throwing some into a pot for dinner tonight is something to consider.

And I have some people tell me that they’re too busy to sit down and eat soup. Well, put it in a blender, throw it in a coffee mug, and drink it if you have to.

There’s lots of ways that you can work around that situation.

And you still have your stews and chilis. With stews you have so many vegetables in there, which makes me happy. And in chili you have the option to do them meatless and do bean chilis. You can add in some lentils to that, or you could add the meat in and boost the protein. There are a lot of different varieties to keep you from getting bored.

Really just trying to boost the vegetable intake and reduce the amount that you’re eating is the goal in mind. And that’s the thing with soups, stews, and chilis, you don’t usually eat as much in one sitting.

First they’re hot, so you have to take your time to eat it which helps your body to feel more satisfied sooner. If you take more than twenty minutes to eat, then your body becomes satisfies, you brain gets that signal, and you can stop eating.

Second, you typically have to take smaller bites, either because it’s too hot or you have a small spoon(and that’s a good tip: use a small spoon so that you’re not eating as much).

So soups, stews, and chilis are a way to make sure that you’re getting in higher quality ingredients, and higher quality nutrition while also keeping the portion control in check.

Now for exercise this week. Even if you can’t get in a full workout this week, go ahead and start with what I was talking about in one of the blogs I recently posted here: https://customfitness.biz/2017/12/25/simple-effective-efficient-perfect-workout-get-back-groove-custom-fitness-amarillo-personal-trainers/

Doing maybe two or three exercises, thirty seconds apiece, four times around. Just see what you can choose. It doesn’t really matter what it is right now, just get your body moving.

If you’re a walker, think about maybe going out to the a walmart or any big store and go inside and start walking. Getting in a large building and walking in there if it’s too cold to walk outside is the idea. You’ve got plenty of room, just be sure not to bring your wallet in case you start shopping along the way.

If you have a pedometer or got a fitbit for christmas, slip it on and start a walking challenge with a friend.

So in review: using comfort foods like your soups stews and chilis to burn off excess fat goes hand in hand with starting to move again and getting some exercise back in.

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