Win The day, what does that mean to you? Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo. I know what your thinking, “that sounds awfully campy”.  It is, but the impact will make a huge difference on how your view new challenges in your life.  If you have any questions about what we discuss here or would like further information, give us a call: 806-322-3188. Our trainers would be glad to help you out.

The key to success in the endeavors you pursue is:

Win The Day.

It’s something I learned a long time ago before I ever became a personal trainer in Amarillo. When you are seeking change (physically, mentally, emotionally, etpexels-photo-136405c.) you can’t look at it as a pass or fail attempt. Instead we need to tweak our perception of black and white and allow some variance to enter.

Especially when it comes to changing habits and behaviors, we have to give ourselves credit for the effort we put forth daily.

Habits and behaviors are hard to change! It takes time…lots of time. Think of how long you’ve had the previous set of behaviors that you are now looking to change. Whether it is overeating, under-eating, trying to go on a walk instead of lounge on the couch.  You’ve been teaching your body that this is what it is supposed to do for a long time.  When that pattern number of days, months, years comes to mind, it’s hard to argue that “fixing” things for 3 months, 6 months, or even a year is all it will take. Sometimes those habits require a lifetime change. The journey begins as an uphill battle as we fight against those comforting and familiar behaviors on a regular basis.

So years back when I was undertaking a huge behavioral change, I found myself waking up with lots of motivation, but the days would get away from me and I realized I was going to bed not having accomplished what I had set out to do.  This pattern repeated itself. Fail, fail, fail again.  A little discouraging don’t you think?  I was losing momentum and it was because I wasn’t making the change a big enough priority.  My focus was aimed only on the result; I didn’t prioritize the progression steps to get there.

I learned that you have to focus on winning the moment (even if you lose the next one), winning this meal right now, winning the work out, winning the motivation (even fitness professionals have times when they don’t feel as motivated as they’d like to).

Taking A Step Forward

By focusing on each small win, the results will come. The results will be longer lasting because you have given yourself the flexibility needed to create those changes. The results will feel great!

So what does that mean to you?

Winning today means making progress.  Doing everything you can to take a single step forward.

Staying accountable and doing the work needed to make today count. Your workouts, your nutrition, your water, your rest.

See each day as a chance to win or lose…and be committed to coming out victorious.

Take a Step Back

Now you’re probably not going to have 30 wins in 30 days…but that’s the magic with this mentality. Your job isn’t to win everyday … no, it’s to win 1. One day.  Today.  Throughout a day you are given a billion crossroads where you must choose. Sometimes the decision comes naturally (of course I am going to be driving to the store 18 miles away) and sometimes the choice is a bit more difficult (but pizza sounds so good and I really don’t want to cook).  When these situations arise take a breath and think, which way leads me to my goal?  Following this logic, you will often choose the healthier option and Win The Day, but that’s not always the case. Maybe that pizza is so irresistible you just blacked out and woke up devouring it.  Okay, not the best food for fitness goals, but we all have lapses in our journeys.  That’s part of progressing.

If you focus on just winning today, then you’ll likely succeed. That will yield momentum for tomorrow (well yesterday I made it without pizza, today it does not sound as appetizing)…setting you up for another likely victory. And the streak has started (why would I give in now, pizza, you have no power over me!!! — I may be projecting here).

Yes, you’re going to have days where it’s all you can do to keep your head above water…days where you procrastinate, lose focus or things don’t go your way.  We all have those days. Do not worry.

That’s ok.

Move on to the next one and Win.

Just Keep Playing the Game

Winning the day becomes sort of a mental game.  Our brains are brilliant at coming up with excuses when the going gets tough, but how do we surpass the trickery?  We have to play to win.  Somedays we succeed, somedays we need to scrap it and try again.  My guess is that if you win even half of the days you have committed to, you’ll more than meet your base goal.

And if you win more…well, the sky is the limit.

But the key is simply Winning The Day.

Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve fallen off the wagon…if you struggle for a day or two. When we allow ourselves to fall off the wagon so long, the wagon isn’t even in sight anymore (3 days or more) that’s when we should be reaching out to our support systems for encouragement. Even try calling the studio. We give great motivation tips when you feel like quitting.  It only takes one Win to get you back on track.

So as you begin each morning…remind yourself of this one job:

Win The Day. 

If you’re ready to start winning the day and everyday or if you have any questions about our personal training, nutrition counseling, or group classes and programs, please contact us at: or 806-322-3188. At Custom Fitness we are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas. Have a great day everybody.