Did you know that carrying excess weight around (regardless of whether it is fat, water, or inflammation) can be one of the main things causing your joint pain?

This kind of weight can place extra pressure on areas like your hips, knees and even your back.

This kind of pressure can cause your joints to reside outside of their structural “comfort zone” where your body can use them best. This can also lead to more joint wear and tear as the cartilage is allowed to deteriorate at a faster rate than normal.

If you are carrying more excess weight than you should be or just have a low muscle / lean mass percentage, that leads to more pressure on the joints which results in more pain.

This is just one reason why some people enjoy exercising in the water, which due to the buoyancy, removes the pressure of your body from your joints which helps to reduce your pain threshold.

Now it doesn’t really matter in the beginning what type of “excess” you are carrying around, you’ll take the same approach to begin-

  1. Change your portion sizes and eat REAL food (not that processed junk)
  2. Stay away from things that your body tells you it doesn’t like
  3. Drink plenty of water and lose those high caloric beverages
  4. Exercise, someway, somehow every day

If you’re struggling with joint pain or recovering from an injury to a joint and are carrying around some “excess”, try the 4 tips above or give us a call at 806-322-3188 to guide you through to the best version of you.