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So, do you ever wonder what your life would be like at 90 years old? Well, I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday who happens to be a financial planner, a pretty good one. We were discussing an article that he had found talking about that 30% of people or 30% more people now are living to the age of 90+ since the ’80s. So, 30% more are living longer, because we have all these amazing advances in medical and in health, and they’re able to keep us there longer.

But, the funny thing was that as we got to talking, he was talking about how people no longer invest just solely on looking at the return investments, the money that they’re getting back from those investments. Now they have to look at their money and investments as ways to improve the quality of their life. So, whether that is through medical and health related sources there. Or, whether that is through things preventatively through fitness and nutrition and supplementation and those kinds of things.

Then, people are looking at how they can live healthier lives now so that they can improve their quality of life later. Because if we know that we are more likely to live longer and to be in that situation, then most of us would like to do as well as we can. So, in this article it was actually highlighting a few different couples, and the couples were anywhere from 60-80 years old. And these couples didn’t look like that, right? They were out riding bikes in the street. They were hanging out with their friends. They were going out to eat. They were doing these things that made them appear as though they were much younger.

Because if you think about it, when you were a kid, people that were mid-life, anywhere from 40+ seemed really old. But, then as you got closer to that age, they seemed less old, right? And, so long ago people only lived to about 70. So, that was pretty up and up on the age. But, now that people are living until 90s, your 60s and 70s you have to be able to keep going and keep feeling good and keep doing the things that you love doing or else you end up in much worse situations.

So, how does this all tie in? Yes, it’s going to be the fact that now is the time to take care of you. The holidays are a hards time to accept that and to take action on that. A lot of times people say, “Thanksgiving, I’m just gonna mail it in til January. I’ll deal with it then”. The problem with that is that our health is not an on again off again system. Our health is not something that can just be set to the side for a little while and then picked up for six weeks and then put back.

Instead our health is something that we have to focus on every day. We have to make a commitment to ourselves to take care of ourselves. It’s the only body we get. If we do that, and we start taking care of ourselves by exercising regularly, by eating well, by using supplementation where we need to, by sleeping the way that we need to sleep, really just taking that step to take care of us first.

Then, we have all the power to take care of everyone else. This always makes me think about tithing at the church, that a lot of times you look at your paycheck and you think, man, I just don’t have enough money to tithe. But, if you don’t tithe then you live very tightly and life just kind of … it feels overwhelming at times. Whenever you do start to tithe that money, it’s amazing what God can do. He takes that little bit that you’ve given, and he blesses you with so much more.

It doesn’t mean that your life is of ease, right? You’re not living in a palace all of a sudden or anything like that. But, it’s just the fact that he blesses you with so much more. And, when you take care of yourself it’s kind of the same thing. When you take care of you first, then you can take care of others better, because you are blessed with enough health and rejuvenation that your body now can sustain more to take care of other people. It can be stronger. It can be more energetic. You can better focus. You can do amazing things whenever you take care of yourself.

But, it’s all about taking that first step and a lot of times that’s the hardest one. When we’re used to taking care of other people all the time, it’s really hard to step back and say, you know what? I’m gonna take care of me. But, taking care of you can take as little as 30 minutes a day. It’s just a matter of making a commitment to doing that. So, how do we do that? Well, we set up our accountability system like we talked before. So, friends, family, or professionals that can help hold you accountable to these goals and help you know that you’re staying on track, help you to remember to stay on track.

Then, you’re making sure that you schedule it into your day, that you schedule time for you, and you don’t block over that with other people. I know I personally have a lot of trouble with that, setting up my what I call guard rails to protect my family, time to protect my me time. So, that way I can take care of me first, and then be able to take care of everyone else.

So, accountability is huge. Guard rails are huge. And, then just remembering to do it. Just get it done. Whether you feel like it or not that day, just really get it done. There’s days that you wake up and think, you know what? I don’t even wanna think about it. I’ve just gotta go get all these other things done, but the truth is if you take that time for you, then all of those other things are gonna benefit so much more. You’re gonna be able to put in 100%, whereas before you might’ve only been able to give 50% of yourself.

So, it’s amazing what we can do whenever we take that time. Kind of think through that. What is your life gonna be like now, next year, the next five years, the next 10 years? What is your life gonna be like when you’re 90? Are you still gonna be able to be active and healthy? Because you took proactive steps now to take care of that health. So, just something to kind of think on for today, which is something on my mind. It came across as interesting.

So, if you can all get it done, make sure you stay consistent with your exercise, your eating, your sleep, all those good things around the holidays. If we can be of any help to you, putting a program into that crazy life that you’ve got going on right now, making sure that you’ve got things that you know to do, telling you exactly what to do on the eating and how to make it through all these holidays and survive with healthy eating, without having to avoid every piece of pie. We’d be happy to help you out.

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