Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo nutritionist and personal trainer. Today we’re going to be wrapping up the two part series on what makes an effective nutrition plan. Now be sure to read part one if you haven’t already at the link here: And as always, if you have any questions about today’s blog then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

Alright, so number four is variety. So not only do we eliminate the monotony of a diet, again it would really be hard to maintain for long term but also by including a variety of foods with flavors and textures in your diet, you actually ensure proper nutrition. You’re going to get different vitamins, different macronutrients, different micro nutrients from each different food that you take in. So not every food has the same properties to it. The vitamin C that’s in your orange is not the same as in your apple, right, we’ve got to make sure that we’ve got a variety of food.

So whenever I talk to people about eating healthy, about losing body fat, about gaining muscle, their first instinct, no matter what I say is, oh my goodness I’m going to have to eat chicken and salad for the rest of my life and it’s going to have to be bland. Well the truth is, my people eat a lot of stuff that’s not chicken and salad and they still get great results. Why? Because they’re fueling their bodies. They’re actually fueling their bodies from the inside out.

So we focus on health from the inside out, we don’t come in and attack weight loss, we attack health and try to get the body systems working together to do what they’re suppose to do because that in turn will lead to your fat loss, you weight loss in to your inflammation loss, into your muscle build, it’s going to help your body be where it needs to be.

Alright, number five, adequacy. Making sure that we get all the essential nutrients that we need to maintain our health and then replacing what is lost on a daily or weekly basis. A lot of short term diet strategies really recommend cutting out or drastically reducing like entire food groups and that leaves a lot of room for nutritional deficiencies. Things that you may not even notice are happening for the next five or 10 years but all of sudden it’ll creep up and you start to notice problems of things that could’ve been prevented but you’re just not quite sure what happened in the first place.

So we want to make sure that, that we’re really getting the adequacy of what we’re eating. That we’re making sure that if our body burns off something that we replace ti. So that’s where a lot of times we talk about carbs and people get orally scared of eating carbs and things like that. Well, if you’ve exercised that day and worked out really hard and you don’t put carbs into your day, now remember that vegetables are a type of carb. So if you’re not putting some form of carb back in your body, your body can not go. It’s missing a macro nutrient. It’s a macro nutrient for a reason, it’s something that your body absolutely has to have, we have to have proteins, we have to have fats, we have to have carbs.

What combination of those we get typically is determined by our body type, by our metabolism levels, things like that. So those are all things to kind of keep in mind. The very best meal planning is going to focus on these five guidelines, it doesn’t matter what your plan is called, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence it came from, who suggested it, the best meal planning is going to focus on these five things and it’s going to be a rock solid foundation. I mean there’s just no other option. If you have those five things together, you’re going to have everything you need.

So even if, say our clients who come to Custom Fit has strayed from the nutrition, it’s the holidays right so they might be going out to some parties or things like that. Even if they tend to stray from the nutrition, maybe they go to a party and they over do it, I can tell you that through these foundations that they’ve learned, more often than not they’re not only going to get back on track quicker but they actually won’t fall as far off track in the first place because they’re going to figure out what their body needs and what feels best whenever they do.

So if they’re missing some water, they’re going to be thirsty, if they’re missing some vegetables, they’re going to be hungry and craving those vegetables. Maybe not everybody, don’t laugh at me, but you know it builds these habits in you to build these foundations and that leads to these behavioral changes that make long term change within the body passible. So it’s time for us to really focus on a more sustainable and science backed nutrition plan instead of these short term diets that you know aren’t going to work.

so if that’s you, if you’ve been following these plans that you just feel like you’re bouncing back and forth and you lose weight and you gain weight and you’re on six weeks and then you’re off for two months, it’s not the right plan for you, we’ve got to find something that works on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis, every year. Year after year and I know that sounds boring, because as Americans we don’t want to stick with anything longer than 30 seconds, but if you’ve actually watched this all the way through, we’re almost at 10 minutes so congratulations.

So it’s just a matter of sticking with what you know works and what we know works is the science of the foundations of nutrition. We know what the body needs and if we give it to it, on a regular basis, you will be astounded with the results that you can get. So if you are someone who has bounced back and forth like crazy, doesn’t know which way to turn on nutrition, doesn’t know really even where to get started or what to do, we would love to help you out, feel free to give us a call, 806-322-3188.