Whether you consider it a badge of honor, a sign of age or just a pain in the butt, waking up sore, achy, hurting or just flat out in pain is not a part of normal life!

It’s true. Even if you’ve struggled to find an answer to why you are hurting so often this is not how the body is meant to work.

Here’s the thing, I’ve worked with many people 90+ (even one that was about to turn 101!) who have had NO daily pain. They could do their daily activities as well or better than you or I.

I’ve worked with middle aged adults who have experienced healing for their joint pain (knees, hips, spine, shoulders and even ankles).

Now, before you think I’m crazy let me just say that there is always a possibility of deterioration within our skeletal system. Not every ache has an obvious fix. But I think in the age of medicine that we’re living in now most every pain is considered medical by those in certain professions.

Let me give you my take on pain, as someone who experiences bouts of it from time to time.

If there is not structural damage (ie. a break in a bone, a spur tearing a muscle, etc.) most often relief can be provided through a diet focused on lowering inflammation within the body and exercise focused on building mobility, stability, strength and flexibility.

Let me tell you about a client named Janet that I worked with. She came to me in pain, daily pain. She had rheumatoid arthritis, and knee pain that hurt so bad she was discussing her options with the knee surgeon. Janet followed a protocol just like the one I mentioned above for 12 weeks. All exercises were adapted to her current level and state of comfort.

Through the first 12 weeks she noticed huge changes. Her knees were hurting much less often, sometimes only 1 or 2 times every few weeks. She was able to climb stairs and move from sitting to standing without pain.

Her arthritis (while not cured) was bothering her less and less. She didn’t feel the swollenness of her joints the way she used to and she was able to play with her grandkids without “paying the price” later.

Overall Janet had a very positive experience and was able to postpone her knee replacement surgery. She felt great and had the tools needed to continue living pain free for many years.

Janet isn’t the only one. We’ve in fact worked with hundreds of people experiencing some level of pain and taught them how to eat to fuel their bodies and exercise to create higher function and quality in their lives.

It’s something my team and I are passionate about.

Not everyone’s pain is due to arthritis, but there is usually some level of inflammation within that is magnifying the pain.

Most recently I’ve been working with a woman who’s got “a real pain in the butt” (in her words). She has been experiencing a deep gluteal syndrome (you might have heard the term piriformis syndrome before). The answer for this woman turned out to be… you probably guessed it-  less inflammation and more strengthening and stability work.

In simple terms, her core and pelvic floor muscles weren’t doing their jobs and caused a kink in the body’s chain reaction response.

The point today is quite simple- You don’t have to hurt. AND there IS something that can be done to help relieve your pain.

Whether you decide to take action with our team of trainers and health coaches, or an exceptional physical therapist, the important thing is to get the help you need so you can stop hurting and start enjoying life again!