It is said that the epidemic of poor posture is affecting 80+% of our population.

For the longest time posture was considered only in the realm of aesthetics. It was something to be discussed when attending high society events or formal affairs but usually left out of the conversation otherwise.

Mothers would scold their daughters and tell them to sit up straight in order to influence the perception of that child by others.

Fast forward to our desk bound society who spend half their day at a desk and the other half on a device rounding their shoulders and spine while tucking their chin down. Not to mention there aren’t that many people left with tall back, hard seated chairs that they sit properly on in the evening.

No, ours is a society of slumping. From the crowns of our heads to our tailbones, we rarely, if ever turn on our back muscles to sit up straight.

Now, I’m sure that it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that poor posture can cause things like back aches – even sciatic type pains, shoulder aches, neck aches and even headaches. But…

Would it surprise you to know that the state of your weakened core muscles could also be causing incontinence, constipation, slowed digestion and even heartburn?

What about that pain in your upper arm near your elbow or the wrist discomfort you thought was carpal tunnel or perhaps that knee pain that you just didn’t know where it was coming from?

All of these can be symptoms of poor posture. It’s no longer just an aesthetic thing, and in truth, never was.

It’s more important now than ever before with our extended working hours and constant connection to devices that we begin to take this issue more seriously and find a way to fix our posture.

In fact, recent research is suggesting that your level of mental cognition is directly related to your posture – ergo when you sit tall and turn on your back muscles, you will think and perform at a higher level.

If you feel like you need a little extra support, you need some guidance, you need a plan, feel free to give us a call. 806-322-3188. Our team would love to help you. Remember that we focus on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. We put all of it together so this can become a lifelong change for you instead of something to just bounce to and get setback from. I hope you have a great day.