These were the valentine gifts my youngest came up with last week – Monster Pens. It was a project that seemed to keep getting put off through the chaos of day-to-day life but we finally got it done!

While we were making them, I started thinking about all the little monsters that seem to jump up out of nowhere and keep us from getting things done the way we had planned or hoped.

When you start a new adventure like “getting healthy” or “getting in shape” that usually means there are some new pieces you’re going to have to fit into your “normal life” that might not feel easy yet.

Things like blocking off time to workout, meal prep and rest.

It is easy to think that shear willpower will take care of those things, but I’ll tell you from experience, if you don’t take time to think it through and plan things out…little monsters will start jumping out from everywhere to keep you from reaching your goals.​

These monsters are time grabbers and excuse makers and enablers of lazy & poor habits.

Now I’m passionate about helping people learn to live healthier and higher quality lives so today I want to give you some ideas of how to stop these monsters in their tracks so you can get on with your life and your goals.

  • Have a snack on the way home from work to keep your blood sugar level (which keeps you from eating everything in sight when you walk into your kitchen)
  • Make an appointment with yourself in your planner for each day to block time to exercise, meal plan/prep or just take a few minutes to destress
  • If your plan is to workout after work, have your clothes with you (if you’re going somewhere to exercise) or have them laid out with your equipment ready to use (if you’re exercising at home)
  • Try drinking a 20 oz bottle of water before you eat or drink anything else in the morning to kickstart your hydration for the day…you might just find that you feel thirstier during the day afterwards.
  • Take a walk after working from home (or even a stressful day at the office) to transition to the person you need to be when you walk in that door. This can drastically lower your stress levels and improve your sleep.
  • Set a timer to remember to get specific things done…and then do them!

These monsters can take many forms but their ultimate goal is to derail you from the path you’ve chosen to walk.

Start today to create a plan to squash the monsters in your path and finally begin making progress towards your goals.