There is no end and no way to keep track of all of the emails and advertisements I see daily for those “magic” weight loss or health solutions.

And I’m not even online that much during the day.

I once had a client tell me the story of her sister who had been overweight and unhealthy her entire life. She was at this point around her early 40s but still searching for that easy road to better health.

My client said that with her sister’s current state of desperation that it wouldn’t matter what potion a company was selling, it would only matter that they could convince her it would work for her desires and she would be willing to sell everything she had to get it.

I sincerely hope that didn’t happen but it’s certainly a common state of affairs in America these days.

There is no shortage of people who come to my team for help only to tell us that they already “know” what they should be doing and they just need someone to MAKE them do it. (we’ll save the discussion on why no one should have to MAKE you do anything for another day)

Problem 1 is, if they know what they should be doing in order to get from their current state to their desired state, why aren’t they doing it? AND why are they still searching for new paths?

So many people are relying on the latest supplements and diets and programs to:

  • Make them thin
  • Boost their hormones
  • Stop their pain
  • Bring back their mental health

The thing is, all of those things can be improved or fixed through proper nutrition and exercise!

I think several people have found a new understanding of “good food” during 2020. Experiencing the difference between eating out and eating at home. And through that have found improvement for many of their chronic symptoms.

None of the supplements, diets, or programs targeted towards those or other ailments are truly a forever fix. Some may work for a while, others not at all, but the companies selling them are banking on 1 simple thing:


And they’re making millions off of that alone.
They speak to your pain and make promises they can’t honor just to make some money.

All the while, leaving you hopelessly in a state of desperation looking for the next best thing.

There’s a cost to all of this. Not just the price you paid, or what you had to sell to receive the quick fix in the first place.

But there’s a bigger cost. It’s an emotional and physical cost. Things that proclaim to be the end all be all for your biggest health issues (especially weight loss as that’s the most common) often leave a chronic mark on your health for the rest of your life.

Whether it’s because they have caused chaos in your hormone system, your metabolism, your ability to absorb nutrients or mentally have left you in despair feeling like a failure and uncertain if you will ever be able to reach the heights you dream of, these “magic” solutions aren’t reality.

Everything in life will ALWAYS come down to 2 options:

  1. You can spend your money on something
  2. You can spend your time on something

Spending money on supplements, diet plans and quick fix programs hasn’t worked for many, many people who have tried them. Perhaps you’re in that group?

However, taking the time to do what is right and known to improve your health, like exercise and proper nutrition works time and time again for those who are willing to put in the effort.

Remember that you are a unique individual and your body’s needs are different from other people…yes, even your neighbor or cousin or sister, etc.

Finding the right solution for your body’s ailments comes down to much more than “magic”.  We would love to help you on your journey.  Feel free to give us a call at 806-322-3188.