Why is it that pushing the “pause button” can be so difficult in some areas and easy in others? 

How often do you come across someone who says their work / family life is so busy they just can’t stop to do…(fill in the blank).

When I talk with people, that blank is usually filled with either the words exercise or eat right.

People don’t usually push “pause” on work or family. In our minds those two can’t be paused.

How crazy is it that we just can’t seem to find it within ourselves to push pause on the stress, and constant busyness within our lives (that is ultimately lowering our level of health and quality of life) but when it comes to self-care our pause button seems to be stuck in the “on” position?

How easy is it to put off a workout when your friends want to go out together instead?

How easy is it to eat out at lunch even though we brought leftovers from home?

How easy is it to say we’ll start next week “when things calm down” knowing full well that our life is constantly feeling like it’s spinning out of control?

I want to keep this short and sweet today so let me just say this:

If you truly want to feel great, stay well and enjoy the highest quality of life, it’s time to stop pushing pause (or get the button fixed for crying out loud) ;o) on your self-care. 

Whether you are a busy executive trying to make a name for yourself, a mom catering to her kids every need or a person who is caring for your aging parents, there is one common factor here YOU.

If YOU are not taking care of your health and wellness, no one else will. 

If YOU are not taking care of your health and wellness, you will end up too weak or ill or incapable of living life to the fullest to be able to support the people you love during your life.

It’s time to take a moment to RESET and find the right balance of life and self-care. They truly can co-exist and when they do, your life and body will fall right into where you’d hoped they’d be this whole time.

If you’re not quite sure how to make that happen but feel like you’re ready to try, give us a call at 806-322-3188.