You’re out for a daily walk enjoying the sunshine when all of a sudden a large dog bursts out from nowhere and bounds up to you nearly knocking you over.

If you are around large dogs often or are in your 20’s or early 30’s, this might not be a big issue.

But if you’re like June, an 88 year old client I had, it becomes an entirely different story.

June was that person out walking when a large dog bounded her way. She was thrown off balance by the idea (the dog never actually hit her) of the dog coming and fell down.

She was blessed in that fall because she didn’t break anything but with the way her bruises looked she could have pulled a “you should have seen the other guy” kind of thing.

She came to me soon after the incident never having worked out before because she knew she needed to do something to make sure she never felt that incapable again.

Since the accident, she felt timid to walk alone or outside, which was her daily routine. She tried hard to focus only on the ground in front of her feet which meant she had to stop at church to say hi to anyone because she was afraid to move without a heavy focus on the ground.

She was feeling frustrated over the perceived loss of her independence and was afraid of where it would lead if she didn’t do something about it.

Balance while in motion is one, if not THE most important time to have balance.

It’s something that when we’re younger we rarely ever think about. But as we age, it becomes more apparent that it might be an area to observe with caution.

The good news is that June and I worked together to strengthen her core, her legs and even her mind to improve her situation.

Within 3 months she was back to her daily walks outside, not fearing the uneven sidewalk but knowing that she could handle what was put in front of her.

You see, workouts aren’t just about sweating and losing weight. There are much more important things that they can do for you.

When you have the right routine for your needs, your body and mind will thrive and you’ll get back to living the life you love!