There are so many options in the world of fitness equipment and I regularly get asked, “what’s the best equipment to use?”. 

I’ve known people who have basically built whole gyms in their homes or garages. I also know, however, how intimidating that idea can be for new clients.

I personally know how intimidating it can be to walk into a typical gym with their bulky equipment and feel like you haven’t got a clue what it is or how to use it. –Believe it or not, before I got to college, I had never seen the inside of a weight room in my life.

So when someone who is interested in beginning to exercise comes to me asking what equipment they’ll need, my first answer is what do you already have?

Some trainers can write great programs with the equipment they have but when given a challenge of modifying around what a client has, they might not make the cut.

My team and I, on the other hand, have been doing this passionately for long enough to know how to approach things a bit differently.

I don’t want people to waste their hard earned money on things they don’t need. I want to use what they have to the best of my ability so they can get a great workout in and still have money for their girls night out on Friday.

So, what do you have? What is in your house that could be used to improve your health …hint* it may not be labeled as “exercise equipment”.

Here are somethings my clients use to enhance their workouts:

  • Canned goods or water bottles = weights
  • Backpack / Suitcase with water bottles inside = heavier weights
  • Paper plates (for carpet) or socks (for hard surfaces) = Slider/Gliding Discs
  • Couch cushions = Balance Pads
  • Resistance bands = weights or mimic Pilates reformer

Those are just a few ideas to get your brain going this morning. What do you have and what can you do with it to improve your health today?