Hi I’m Kris Stokes with Custom Fitness Personal Training Studio.  I absolutely cannot count how many times I’ve heard someone say “I’ve been trying XX diet or XX exercise plan because my friends, husband, cousin “Susie”… lost 20 lbs doing it but I just can’t seem to lose any weight at all” (or something similar).

It’s a comment that comes up frequently and to those who are saying it, things really do feel unjust. Someone they knew, heard of or met had great results but when they try the same thing, they get nothing for their efforts (or at least not as much as that person did).

Maybe you’ve been in their shoes. Maybe you’ve experienced what felt like failure and just don’t know if it’s worth it to try again.

So, I have one question for you-

            Have you always been great at the things you are really great at?

Maybe it’s your career, being a parent or spouse, perhaps it’s a hobby or something you do on the side, whatever it is that you are incredibly great at, were you always great at it?

You see outside of the prodigies in this world, we all had to work to become great at the things we are great at. Now this isn’t a message to tell you that it will take hard work to get to where you are wanting to go, we all know that it will.

No, this message is about perception. When you think about it, “Susie” that lost 20 lbs doing XX diet has 2 things going for her:

  1.       She’s unique (just like you) and her body happens to be responding well to that diet.. for now.
  2.       She’s in the middle of her journey

There’s a lot to that whole “uniquely you” factor but we’ll save that for another email on another day. Today, I want to look at point number 2.

Susie is in the MIDDLE of her journey. You are talking with her or meeting her after she’s gained some headway. You on the other hand are at the beginning. That’s the really hard part. You don’t get to be frustrated that after 2 weeks you haven’t seen the results you’re hoping for when “Susie” has been on this plan for the past 6 months.

She’s put in the work. She’s dealt with the frustrations and struggles. She may still have struggles of her own but she probably isn’t telling you about them because “Susie” wants you to know how far she’s come.

You’ve just begun. You have a bumpy road ahead because let’s face it, this work you’re doing doesn’t come naturally. It isn’t natural for humans to want to change or to feel at peace as changes are made. It isn’t always easy for our bodies to heal the damage we’ve done to them over the past decade or more and then make a 180 degree turn to the new path we mentally desire.

Next time that you’re talking with a friend or scrolling through social media and seeing those before and after shots, remember that person is in the MIDDLE of their journey, not the beginning and IF you truly want to join them, IF that really is the plan you feel suits you best, get ready for the bumpy road. It’s gonna be a challenge for sure but that doesn’t knock you out of the journey. Take a step, then another. Make every day a little better than the day before and get help when you need it.

And maybe keep “Susie’s” picture in your mind, she just might be the motivation you’ll need to cross the finish line. It’s always easier when someone else has done it first.

If you feel like you need a little extra support, you need some guidance, you need a plan, feel free to give us a call. 806-322-3188. Our team would love to help you. Remember that we focus on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. We put all of it together so this can become a lifelong change for you instead of something to just bounce to and get setback from. I hope you have a great day.