Millions of people have tried and failed to lose weight and with all of the promises of this over advertised industry, it can feel quite frustrating.

Maybe you’re one of those people?

Let me show you a picture:

This client thought the same thing you did, that he had a lot of fat to lose. The first thing we did was to take a body scan to see what was going on and you probably wouldn’t believe it but the amount of body fat he was carrying was in the “average” range. Meaning he didn’t have much to lose.

So we sat down and discussed a phenomenon that most people don’t understand because it’s not something the industry focuses much time on.

Since the pandemic, I’ve heard a little more about this specific subject but I wouldn’t call it mainstream by any means.

This, however, is a subject I’ve been talking with clients about and working them through for the past 15 years. And when they follow the advice I’ve given them…well, that’s what happened in those pictures.

Those pictures above were taken exactly 12 weeks apart, the first one on the day he signed up with our team and the second one immediately before his 4th assessment.

So what was the “magic” piece?

On average, people carry around 10-15 LBS of inflammation on any given day!

Inflammation is an interesting thing as it usually starts in your gut within your intestines and overtime spreads throughout your body.

So ultimately, if you can lose the inflammation, you will lose the weight (and girth as the pictures show)

What causes inflammation in the first place?

The most common culprit is “the food you are eating”.

Way too many people are enjoying the S.A.D. diet (standard American diet). This loads them up with junk and truly minimizes the amount of true nutrition (actual nutrients like macro and micro nutrients, including vitamins and minerals) that their body needs.

Our S.A.D. diet puts a focus on cheap foods that have been genetically modified and chemically produced. That’s about the same idea to your body as if we put apple juice in your car instead of gasoline.

It would fill the tank but ultimately it would ruin the car.

If you truly want to get a handle on your physical appearance and at the same time begin feeling younger, it’s time to upgrade your diet.

Nutrition was given to us to keep our bodies strong and healthy but when we let too much junk come in, our body begins to fall apart and by the time you notice something is wrong, you may be feeling pretty crummy and think you have a lot of fat to lose.

If you are ready to start turning your diet around and get to the body you’ve been dreaming of, the first step is to join our 30 day Nutrition Program. You might just surprise yourself with the changes you are able to make! If you’re interested in a Free Body Scan just reply to this email with “Body Scan” and we’ll get you scheduled.