Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo. You’ve heard it before primarily from people about to embark on a vacation or getting amped up for a big event, “I just want to be skinny”. Today we are taking a look at what “skinny” actually means.  If you have any questions or would like further information, give our team a call: 806-322-3188.

Before I jump into today’s discussion, I just want to remind you all about Downsize starting Monday August 28th. If you or anyone else you know is interested in our program get in touch with our office to set up your onboarding session this week.  We will walk you through the essentials of the program, give you your manual, explain how you can get ready for the program before Monday, and perform an assessment screening.  It’s not too late.

What’s the big deal about Downsize?  Well…

  • you get unlimited small group personal training – unlike the programs/challenges available at other gyms.
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We want to use this as a stepping stone for you to finally create the changes in your body that you’ve been wanting. Downsize is going to build your strength, your endurance, help your body melt off inches and fat, increase your energy, and have an overall awesome feeling.

Have I mentioned the price?

  • The basic program is $149. I don’t know any other gym offering unlimited personal training with nutrition guidance at $24 a week.
  • We are also offering an upgrade VIP program to our basic program for a total of $199.  With the VIP, after Downsize is over, you get an extra 6 personal private training sessions.  You will work with our team to focus in on your physical, lifestyle, and nutritional goals and give you one on one attention to push you to success.  
  • Regardless which program you pick, $149 or $199, if you lose 15 inches or more, you get your money back. That is worth a try.

Get in touch with our staff today to sign up; we are only accepting 20 participants. We keep our group programs small so we can enhance the client experience. We customize everything we do to you, your body, your goals, and your needs.  We want to know how you want to be/feel/live better.  Want a workout buddy or know someone who’d be interested in joining you?  Feel free to share our blogs and videos with them.  Our mission is to be able to help people who are honestly ready for a change.

Onward to today’s topic: why being skinny may not be all that it is cracked up to be.  A lot of people come to us and 80-90% of people have a goal of weight loss.  If you asked them to lay out their goal, often they say “I want to be skinny”. They have set their sights on this vision of their tiny selves because they feel that being skinny equates to being healthy. That is not necessarily the case.

Being skinny does not always mean that you’re healthy. Whenever we set up booths to talk with people at events, it never fails that a few people will stop by and tell us that  obviously they don’t need to workout because they are not overweight.  Okay, cool, but being overweight is just one of many reasons to workout.

We have clients from all over the size spectrum including many who have a small frame. Some have been that way their whole life while others have had something cause it to happen recently.  With all new clients we do an ultrasound body scan to see where the body has positioned fat and muscles and check alignment.  Interestingly enough we find that many of our small framed clients have an extra high level of body fat. Carrying excess weight like that can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes as well as other serious conditions.  So, together, we make a game plan for finding inner health.

My job as a personal trainer in Amarillo and as the owner of Custom Fitness is to share my passion of inner health with the public.  I want to help people to understand that when you are well on the inside it will do amazing things on the outside.  Weight gain is often an indicator of being unwell. Getting the body to a healthy internal state will  increase your metabolism and you will shed those extra pounds of fat no matter what your frame size is.

People who tell me that they’re skinny so they don’t need to do certain things is just superficial. We need to see the bigger picture.  Our overall health will determine our longevity. We should be healthy not to be this or that, but to have a fulfilling life where we accomplish the things that we want for however long we want to do them.

Another problem that comes from just being skinny is a lot of those people haven’t worked the their muscles well enough to build muscle tone. Perhaps they are naturally skinny, petite, or small framed so they’ve never had to work too hard to maintain their size. Because of that they will overlook the need to develop muscle tone. Don’t misunderstand me here, muscle tone doesn’t have to look big and bulky like a bodybuilder. Toning your muscles raises metabolism.  It will carry you through your daily activities, keep you aligned, and maintain inner wellness.

If you are weak in or around certain joints you are more susceptible to injury.  Toning the muscles by developing strength around the joints will heighten your quality of life for the long-term. Strengthening your body then allows you to broaden your goals from “just want to be skinny” to “I am fit!” This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Fit is the new skinny.  People are finding solace is being fit rather than obsessing over their pant size. They are finding health and a lifestyle enhancement when they are fit. Whereas people who are their “dream size” are still coming to us unsatisfied with how their body looks. Seriously!  People who set their goal to be fit rather than skinny are wanting to see a difference in their muscle tone. Get rid of the soft, fluffy look to get lean and defined. Creating strong muscles that allow them to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. Those are exactly the things we tell our clients who are smaller framed.

For those of you with weight to lose, I hope when you see people who are petite that you don’t get discouraged. I’ve seen lost of people feel baulked by a stranger’s size.  They feel frustrated that they will never reach that size themselves. Whoa. Not everybody is meant to be the same size. If that is you, and you allow someone to make you feel unworthy just by looking at them, perhaps it is time to get to know that person a little better.  

You may feel envious of what comes naturally to them, but they have struggles of their own. Maybe they can’t gain weight despite wanting to, people make snide comments about their diet, or they are always being judged for their physique when they’d like to have a thought provoking conversation, etc. Understand everyone’s body is different. While it may be disappointing to have so many hurdles ahead of you, this person you comparing yourself to doesn’t have it any easier. Their self-talk may be having the same conversation you are having.  We need to be heard, we want to be understood, we need to love where we are at and be willing to progress pass where we are. Our goal should be to make beneficial changes to our bodies that will serve us in the future. Not bringing others down because our road is tough.

That’s all for today.  Remember, Downsize is coming up as our group program for August. If you are one of the “skinny” or small framed people in this world, this may not be the program for you, but we have a ton of customized options we’d love to share to help get you where you’d like to be. As always, if you have any questions about our personal training, nutrition counseling, or group classes and programs, please contact us at: info@customfitness.biz or 806-322-3188. At Custom Fitness we are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas. Have a great day everybody.