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I made a post not too long ago about getting back in the groove after thanksgiving which you can read here:


So today I thought it would be good to kind of follow up on that. Maybe you fell off the wagon for a few days and didn’t quite get your workouts in, or life just happened and you’ve taken a break from it. Maybe you’re looking for a way to get back into it, and just haven’t quite found the way to do it. Most of the time you look for that piece of perfection that’s missing from the puzzle and think, “Well if I can’t get all of my workouts in the way I want them, I just won’t do them at all.”

Well, a little bit is better than nothing. Something getting done is definitely going to give you some benefit. More than that, it’s actually going to restart your brain’s thinking on how exercise makes you feel, and that can actually start to make you feel like you want to get back in the swing of things. Exercise just makes you feel better. It increases your energy, you have better sleep, not to mention also making steps to transform your body.

So you definitely want to have a way to get back into that. So what do you do? Well, one of the best ways to do that is to do a small circuit. I’m going to lay it all out here, and if you want to see these exercises in action, you can watch the video above.

So, what you’re going to be doing is two exercise sets. One will be more cardio based, and the other is more strength based.

Set #1

Exercise 1: Skate Out (30 Seconds)

On your skate out, you’ll be wanting to be jumping from one side to the other, like you were skating.

You’ll be wanting to keep a low center of gravity; so knees down, hips down. And remember that you can modify this by stepping, but you intensify it by jumping.

When you’re jumping, you goal is to jump as wide as you can from side to side each time, and that’s how you get that element of power in there and work those muscles a little deeper.

15 Second Break: Grab your weights!

Exercise 2: Squat Press (30 Seconds, Weights)

For the squat press, you’re going to be starting with a weight in each hand, and your hands right at the shoulders. Engage that core, and then sit down and back into that squat. Remember that you’re always putting the weight back into your heels.

How deep you want to go into that squat is up to you. If you need a chair under you to sit down on and stand back up, that’s also an option.

Then stand up, press those weights overhead, core engaged so that you aren’t bending backwards. Remember that when you go up top not bend your back, and when you’re going into the squat to have the weight be on the heels and off the toes.

That’s the end of Set #1! The Skate Out and Squat Press will give you a full body workout, and it’s going to remind you how great exercise can feel. And to keep you from getting bored, I’ll introduce you to set #2.

Set #2

Exercise #1: Swing to Squat (30 Seconds, Weights)

For your weight, really anything will work. A kettlebell, hand weight, sandbag, you don’t have to be picky.

For this, you’ll be wanting a wide stance, toes slightly turned out, and stomach engaged nice and tight. You’ll be swinging that weight up to the shoulders, and then down through the legs keeping a nice flat back. Then you’re going to be bringing that down into a front squat, bend the elbows.

If you can tap your elbows to your knees go for it or just bring it as low as you can. The most important part about this is keeping a flat back. Keeping those shoulder blades back and together is going to keep you from bending at that low back. Also, make sure that the weight you choose is appropriate for you, and that you don’t lock your knees on that swing.

15 Second Break

Exercise #2: Push Up

You’re going to want to get into your push up position (your push ups can be on your knees, toes, you can even elevate them on a bench), and you’ll have your hands out nice and wide. You’ll take it down into that push up, and you want to make sure that your elbow lines up with your wrist, and that the low back and chest don’t sag down. You want everything moving as one piece down and up. And it’s up to you on how you do your push up, it’s whatever works for you so that you’ll get it done.

And that wraps up those two sets! Go ahead and try them out this weekend, and let yourself start to feel better. It all comes down to that question: what can you do today that you can get done, to be better today than you were yesterday?

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