Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about getting caught with the cookie. This is going to be the first part in a two part series, so be on the lookout for part two coming soon. And if you have any questions about today’s blog, then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

So, “getting caught with the cookie”, what does any of it even mean? Well, let me start you out with a story. I was sitting around the end of the day and talking with a client, and this story came back up for the millionth time. Makes us laugh every time. Made me think it’s something worth sharing, because I think sometimes as fitness professionals or as even your friends who tend to do really well with a nutrition plan, or with an exercise plan, they start seeing great results, you start to put them up on this pedestal of perfection that really can crumble quite easily, and it can cause some distress on their side if they start to feel like that’s what’s expected of them all the time.

This happened a while ago, a few years back. I was at a grocery store doing some shopping, and before kids, the grocery store was a miserable time. I didn’t ever wanna go; it was always crowded and busy ’cause I always had to go on the weekend. Shopping just never was my favorite thing. I’d go out and I’d just be miserable. Then I had kids, and the days that my husband’s willing to keep them and I get to go the grocery store by myself, that’s completely flipped from black to white, and now it’s the most blissful time that I can have. Just the fact that I get to have some peace makes the whole trip worth it.

I’m a very type A person, so I get to follow my list, pick out things in the order that I wanna pick them out. I don’t have crazy people running all over the store asking me to go and get this and that and the other. If you’ve got husbands at home that go with you to the grocery store, you may notice that extra things show up in your cart, or that while you’re fixing to grab the three dozen eggs that you’re getting, they’re maybe off with the cart somewhere else picking up cookies or things.

Sometimes it’s really nice and relaxing where I get to go by myself. So a few years back I was at the store, by myself, enjoying one of those peaceful moments. And it had been a pretty hard week. I have these cookies, that I absolutely love. They’re from the Alternative Baking Company, so I’ve got some food allergies. It’s not something that I can really go and get just anywhere. If I’m gonna have something like that, I usually gotta make it myself.

These are my splurge, every now and then. These cookies are not the little tiny cookies. They’re the great big cookies. They’re just delicious, they’re absolutely wonderful. So anyways. Point of the story is, I pick up the cookie, and I take it with me, and I go to the car and, yeah it’s the first thing I wanna have. It’s kind of my splurge moment, it’s my joy for the week. I decided I’m gonna get it and eat it.

So I start eating it, in my car, after I put all the groceries in there. And this client comes up. Now keep in mind, this client’s been with me for a while, so it’s also a good friend. But she walks up beside my window, knocks on the window, and gives me this look of disgust, getting on to me that I’m eating a cookie when I’ve got her on this nutrition plan.

At the moment, it was kind of serious. She looked sad about it, that she would find me doing that, whenever she knew that she was supposed to be eating healthy. Well, the thing is that I never ever made a rule of no cookies, or no joy, or no sugar ever, or anything like that for any of my clients. What we do is we work on being better.

After we get to talk for a few minutes, and I got to remind her what better is, and I gave her a taste of the cookie to enjoy life, it smoothed it all over and now we can laugh about it, obviously. But with everyone in general, perfection is not the goal. Losing sugar forever? It’s not gonna happen. Losing all treats forever? It’s probably not gonna happen. There are some people that don’t like treats and things like that, that’s fine. But there’s something that you do like, that probably will be held onto; that probably will come back into your life at some point. It’s knowing how to manage that; it’s knowing and understanding how to fit that into what you’re doing, and not let that own you or derail you from a healthy way of life.

Enjoying splurges here and there, it’s a huge positive. You need that; you need to enjoy life, and you really do need to challenge the body’s abilities every now and then.

So i’m going to end part one here. In part two we’re going to be talking more about enjoying the little things.

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