Life is ever changing and humans are ever resisting the changes put before them.

There’s some honesty for you this morning.

Maybe you’re like me and much a creature of habit. I enjoy working at the same place, shopping at the same stores and even eating the same or similar meals (though I keep my repetition of food to a minimum for some very important reasons)  :oP

In the past I was so consistent with my habits that the slightest change would put me over the edge. I allowed it to not just rock my boat but to capsize it. My fear of change was leading me down a path of my own demise.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned and seen all around us through 2020, it’s that change is going to happen no matter what and those who are able to ebb and flow with the changes will seem a lot more relaxed, while those who resist the changes will quickly find themselves wrapped up in  a multitude of emotions frozen in one spot.

When confronted with stressors, our brain goes immediately into a response of fight, flight or freeze. Once frozen, it can feel overwhelming to begin to move again so it’s best if we can avoid that state altogether.

In order to avoid being “frozen” we kind of have to understand what the alternative is and how on earth these other people are handling life so well amidst chaos.

Here’s the secret that I learned many years ago that has helped me move forward through whatever changes come my way…

Living life in a world of constant change is like sitting in a row boat on the ocean.

Let me explain- Bodies of water are in constant motion, whether you see it on the surface or not. Along with the pull from the energy of the earth & moon, there is an entire world going on under the surface that you may not even notice- but it’s there. And that world is in motion.

When you sit in the boat, you feel like you are in control. You can use your oars to move about in whatever direction you please. But what you may not even think about is that you have NO control of the rocking of the boat.

Each time the water moves, so does your boat. You can choose to move with it or against it but it is always there.

If you were to try to hold yourself steady with minimal effort, it just wouldn’t work. If you were to find a way to remain rigid amongst the moving waters, you would more than likely find yourself thrown out of the boat and swimming.

That’s the piece that’s been such a burden to some over the past few months. They desperately want to stay still in a world that’s moving. They keep trying to use their oars to hold them steady in what they knew to be their reality.

I’m not saying that all changes happening around us are good or bad. Simply that change is the way this world works. That if you want to find some peace, accepting the idea of change can be the best thing for you.

It’s not always easy but often if you can turn a circumstance from “it happened to you” to “it happened for you”, you can find moments of control and even moments of progress through the chaos.

I may not want to steer my boat towards the group in front of me but if I’m willing to ebb and flow with the waters of change beneath me, I can steer any direction I choose. And that sounds much better to me than trying to swim.

If you feel like you need a little extra support, you need some guidance, you need a plan, feel free to give us a call. 806-322-3188. Our team would love to help you. Remember that we focus on exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. We put all of it together so this can become a lifelong change for you instead of something to just bounce to and get setback from. I hope you have a great day.