Private Training

There’s always going to be the temptation to put your training off till tomorrow, but knowing you’re in a fitness partnership with someone is great way to stay on track and not fall off course. You’ll get fitter, educated, feel great and empower yourself to levels you didn’t know were possible, all through 1-on-1 training. Make the change today.

No matter what your goals are, 1-on-1 personal training is for you. Tailor-made to help you get the most of your fitness program, 1-on-1 training is perfect for individuals who want dedicated and focused workouts to ensure they achieve their targets and transform their lives. Whether you’re looking to increase muscle tone, burn body fat, increase endurance, or just improve your quality of life, opting for a personal trainer will put you on the right track.

1-on-1 training is also ideal for people with busy lifestyles who struggle to find the time to hit the gym. Your personal trainer will work with you to plan a schedule around your commitments, keeping you motivated and excited for your next session. Building a relationship with your trainer will also keep you accountable.

Includes: Fitness Assessment, Postural Assessment, Exercise Program, and General Nutrition Counseling. Private and Semi Private Sessions Available.

Personal Training Success Story

“I first met Kris in October 2013 when a friend gave me a gift certificate for a 60-minute consultation. I decided for my health to try the 12 week program that she offered through Custom Fitness and what a good investment it has been. I feel stronger and better. Kris worked with me after a car wreck when I had vertigo in December to March. She can adapt my workouts to whatever I have going on in my life. I enjoy the one-on- one personal training I get and would recommend everyone to do the fitness consultation to see if what Custom Fitness offers is right for you.”


Semi-Private Training

Semi private group training will give you a level of support you’ve not experienced before and, best of all, it comes from people who are just like you. An educated and knowledgeable trainer may be leading proceedings, but you’ll also have a network of friends that you can help and who will help you. What better way to burn fat, build muscle and reach the level of fitness you’ve always dreamed of?

Training with others is a great way to stay motivated and ensure a social environment for your workouts. Too many people in a group, however, can often mean your needs aren’t being catered for and your fitness goals not being reached. This is why semi private group training is a great choice.

Training with like-minded individuals creates a great atmosphere for progression, and knowing that you’ll still get the attention you need in a smaller group – and therefore achieve the results you’re looking for – is an almost perfect blend. Your trainer won’t be constantly distracted because of the size of the class, and it allows you to progress with success in a fantastic environment.

Includes: Fitness Assessment, Postural Assessment, Exercise Program,and General Nutrition Counseling. Private and Semi Private Sessions Available.

Training Schedule

Aside From Our Personal Training and Prenatal Training, We Have Classes You Can Sign Up For and Take As Well!

I'm super busy, how do I fit exercising with a trainer into my schedule?

Research has shown us that, when it comes to general health and well being, there really is NO reason to spend countless hours in the gym. However, research has shown us that utilizing higher intensity (no this doesn’t have to mean jumping) with shorter duration during our exercise sessions will yield the best results. This means that you could have a result producing workout in just 20 minutes 5 days per week.


Our team is highly trained to provide effective and efficient workouts. Our preferred time duration is a max of 45 minutes but we specialize in giving effective and efficient workouts that provide results in just 20 minutes! We want to help people not only get healthy but to have the time to enjoy life as well. We weren’t all meant to “live in a gym”.

Will I have the same trainer each workout?

Not necessarily. At Custom Fitness our trainers are employed and work as a team rather than individual contract labor. This means that we each work for the benefit for all clients. This allows the client to keep the time or day that’s best for them whether one specific trainer can be there every session or not. For example, let’s say you like to work out at 5:30am and your normal trainer had to leave town for a week, you would still get to come in at 5:30am and we would replace your normal trainer with another member of our team. When your normal trainer came back into town, you would again work with them. This also gives you the benefit of having more than one professional’s input when it comes to getting results fast.

If my trainer rotates, will they know what I need and what I'm supposed to be doing?

Yes, we keep detailed notes on each client, their program and progress which allows our trainers to be well informed upon any rotation. We also meet frequently throughout the week as professionals to make sure to discuss any client needs that need to be addressed.

I work/live out of town but still want to work with your team?

That’s awesome! We offer virtual workouts to suit your needs. These workouts are performed on a web meeting software similar to skype or Facetime. This means that during your workout with us, we can see you and you can see us just like in a regular studio session. This type of workout only requires an internet connection and a device with a microphone, camera and speakers. (If this sounds complicated, it’s not. Your phone, tablet and newer laptops all have these components. If working on a desktop or device without one or more of these components, you can easily purchase a webcam for $50 or less that will suit your needs.)

Can I skip the nutrition part of your programming to save some money?

Here at Custom Fitness we believe so highly in quality nutrition being the key element to your body transformation and lifelong health that we actually GIVE it to our clients FREE of charge! Nutrition really is 70-80% of the equation when it comes to your goals becoming results and we know that if we charged extra for this, people would throw it out the window first. We all want to believe that if we just work a little harder in the gym that we can eat what we want and life will be good. In reality, if we learn to balance and time our meals correctly 90% of the time, we WILL be able to eat what we want every now and then.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Of course everyone is different and results will greatly depend on how closely you adhere to the program we give you but typically people who do follow the program as we instruct them will begin to see / feel results within the first 2-3 weeks.

Why do you promote barefoot workouts?

Custom Fitness is not your traditional “gym” setting and we do encourage people to do their workouts barefoot. We have found that being barefoot provides a greater sense of stability and sensation of movement. Research has shown that being barefoot builds our balance and can even help our proprioception due to the sensory ability of the feet. Plus, for most people, it just feels good!

Do I have to be barefoot?

Absolutely not. If you have physical issues with your feet, we welcome you to carry in a clean pair of shoes to perform your workout in. While you may miss out on the barefoot benefits, you certainly won’t miss out on the excellent training sessions or the amazing results! If it’s socks you are wishing for, that is fine too as long as you are working in our rubber floored studio. If you are working on the cork floor, it can be extra slippery with socks and therefore we do caution against that.

My feet have some trouble that keep me from being able to go barefoot. Can I do your program?

YES! We welcome you to carry in a clean pair of shoes to do your workout in. We still want you to reap all of the benefits possible from our team of professionals even if you aren’t able to workout with bare feet.

What is muscle confusion and does it work?

Muscle confusion is a strategy of performing a different exercise routine each time you exercise. When performing a strategically programmed form of muscle confusion, then yes, it can be beneficial. There must be certain factors addressed in this situation however, such as balance of muscle tissue, multiple planes of motion, specific progression factors, etc. Most trainers performing muscle confusion are not truly programming strategically but rather leading you through a workout of either “guesswork” or “whatever feels good to them that day”.


At Custom Fitness, we believe in building strategic, research based exercise plans that are certain to provide results. While it can be fun to mix it up in the gym, it’s super motivating when you can actually SEE your progress whether in physical abilities or in physical changes.