Hi, I’m Kris Stokes from Custom Fitness Personal Training Studio.  Once upon a time, before the pandemic, there were people who would throw out pennies. You’d find them on the street and in the parking lots and heck, I’ve even heard of people who literally threw their pennies in the trash! 

By itself the penny holds a very tiny amount of value, and to some people that small value just wasn’t enough. But to others, the value wasn’t in what they currently held in their hand but rather in the possibility of greater value when they collected more.

Nowadays with this new coin shortage going on, people seem much more willing to save each penny. The uncertainty of what is to come is causing the same people who used to toss pennies out to see a bit more value in holding on to them.

So what’s the reason that I’d be sending this out to you today? Well you see, our perception of value is applied to all things and areas of our lives, not just pennies.

Every person finds different values in different things. To some living a life of pleasure eating anything they like is of much more value than their overall health. To others, binging on Netflix or playing video games all day holds more value than exercise.

For everything we do and think, we assign a certain value to that area.

What value are you placing on your health and fitness today? 

In the recent months people have verbally been confirming that they value better health and some have even started doing something about it. But for every 1 person who is working towards enhancing their health, 5 more are just “talking the talk”.

The other 5 aren’t really doing much more than making a statement. They say they want to live healthier lives and prevent disease, but they still eat out with less than healthy options daily, they still drink their “gallon” size sodas and sit on the couch to pass the time.

Believe me, I am so incredibly proud of that 1 person. The one who has taken a step forward in their journey of better health and fitness. The one who realizes the value of every small step they take towards that ultimate goal.

But it breaks my heart when I meet one of the others who says they want more but aren’t willing to do the work. The one who desperately needs to change areas of their life but can’t see it. They instead keep looking for the imaginary “magic pill” that will solve all of their problems and all because taking that one step seems too invaluable.

Our health is something of great value. God put us in this world to be His hands and feet but it becomes awfully hard to do that when we are too unhealthy to do the work. We were given ONE body and ONE life. 

If you aren’t one of the people seeing the value in that, maybe it’s time for a change in perception.  We would love to help you.  Feel free to give us a call at 806-322-3188.