Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be wrapping up the two part series on our most basic desire and why it often keeps you from success. Now be sure to read part one if you haven’t already at the link here: And as always, if you have any questions about today’s blog then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

So as we’re looking for this energy, we’re craving this energy, again, typically that’s coming from a disruption in our sleep, in our nutrition, our activity level, or the fact that we’re around electronics all day. If you think about it whenever you are just having a lazy weekend, and you lay around all weekend, and you watch Netflix or whatever you’re doing, and you’re just hanging out, maybe you’re on your phone or you’re playing video games or whatever, your energy level just isn’t the same. It’s because the electronics zap that from you. When you’re not being active, you can’t actually build up your energies. Your body just kind of vegges.

To fix that we need to work on those things. We need to work on those four areas. So we’ve got to be sure we’re getting enough sleep. Remember that the goal is anywhere from seven to nine hours a night, and if you’re not getting about eight hours a night, then probably once a week try and aim for nine hours would be good, and the rest of them you could get six to seven and be okay.

Nutrition, if we’re not getting the vitamins and the minerals we need, our body’s not going to function. You can get all the protein you want, you can get all the fat you want, you can get all the carbs from the grains that tastes so good, but if you don’t add those vegetables and fruits in, you miss out on the widest array of minerals and vitamins.

You say, “I take a supplement. That’s okay, right? I take a multivitamin.” The problem is that those are manmade and the body doesn’t absorb them the same way. Those were not meant to be your diet. Those were meant to step in and fill in any gaps that you might be missing. Missing an entire nutrient plate there is not what that was meant for.

As much as some people don’t enjoy it, we do have to add in that produce, the vegetables and fruits. Now that can be raw. It can be cooked. It can be done a million different ways, so completely up to you on how you add those in. You can even juice them and have them that way or put them in a smoothie, but we do have to get those in. That right there can be a big key in raising our energy level.

Activity level, again, it’s got to be a proper level. If you go too hard, you’re going to be exhausted, but if you’re not doing anything, again, it’s going to feel lethargic all weekend. Even just walking everyday is great, but getting in some good resistance training, a great cardio program, something that makes you feel good afterwards, is a great way to start to boost that energy level.

Electronics are the worst, but we are around them all the time. I’m talking on one right now, and I’ve got a computer screen right behind me. There are so many different types of electronics that we are surrounded by all day long, and the problem is that they’re energy sucking devices. They take away our body’s ability to balance our energy, and they’re doing a lot of long term chronic damage that it’s just now starting to be seen, and more is to come over the years that we’re going to find out about.

So just limiting our time on those, making sure that we do have some just detached times and time without our devices that maybe we’re enjoying family time. We’re taking time with friends, whatever it may be, and we’re just not on them because whenever we’re on the computer all day long for eight hours at work, coming home and getting right onto a TV or your phone or your tablet, doesn’t help your brain to get into it’s relaxed state so it can rest its best. You want to be able to rest so the next day you’ve got more energy.

I hope that helps you to understand that your body has these needs, and whenever you don’t meet them and you start to feel tired, the first thing it’s going to reach for is something to build your energy back, and that’s going to be either sugar or fat. Both have a high calorie value to them, and both of them are very fast acting so they’re going to give you energy. The problem is it’s going to take you up, and it’s going to crash you ride off the set of the cliff.

So understand why your body’s doing it. Understand what it is that you need, and then figure out the way to fix it in between.

Now if you’re having a crash in the afternoon. You have lunch and then you have dinner way late, but somewhere in the middle of the afternoon you’re about to crash, you probably need to add in a snack or a better lunch. Probably having a lunch that’s not as nutritious as your body’s requiring.

So, if you are wanting the accountability and help with creating an action plan to see results, or are wanting to someone to help create a workout plan to push you to your greatest potential, then that’s what we’re here for. We work with our clients not just on fitness, but also nutrition. What we do is we will ensure that you are supported throughout every aspect of your health and wellness journey, and that includes making those eating changes. We have an entire team of dedicated professionals to help you with your health and fitness goals. To get your consultation set up, give us a call at 806-322-3188 or email us at info@customfitness.biz At Custom Fitness, we are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas. Have a great day.