I want you to imagine that you heard that a new treatment just became available:

It strengthens memory, increases concentration, boosts mood, moderates hunger and obesity, fortifies the disease-fighting immune system, and lessens the risk of fatal accidents.

Would you want to get a hold of that treatment? 😉

Today I want to discuss one of our most important habits. I kid you not. This one is huge.

If one day I had to skimp on my sleep a little to make sure that my workout happens, would I do it?

Yes. But I wouldn’t do it two days in a row. On the second day, I’d sleep instead, and then re-assess my schedule.

Yet, I’m not going to tell you sleep is important. And here’s why:

  1. What if I already sleep 7 hours per night?
    Great. It sounds like you are well set up for success. Consider creating a sleep ritual to improve the quality of your sleep.
  2. How am I supposed to sleep 7 hours a night? I have a baby. I am menopausal. I have a snoring husband. This will be a challenge.
    Yes, it will. Allow yourself time, set the intention (meaning, make sleep improvements a focus of the mind, body and soul at this time), and work your way along the “better” continuum.
  3. Shift work?
    With shift workers, routine seems to be key. So essentially, we are back to designing a sleep ritual that works for you. For example, once you get off work, you could head to the gym, then go home and have a light meal. And then sleep time. Or head straight home, have a light meal, complete your sleep ritual, then sleep time. Work out first thing after you wake up. Notice the light meal becomes especially important, as heavier meals make sleeping more difficult.