Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about nutrition: 75% of your results. If you have any questions about today’s blog, then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

Did you know that nutrition counts for about 75% of your success? So the question comes: have you been working out really hard without success? Or maybe you just can’t quite reach your ideal body and you can’t figure out why.

It seems like every day we have consults come in and these people have been working their tails off and just can’t figure out how to make it happen. And then we have some clients that get started with us, and maybe they aren’t just quite ready to make those nutritional changes so they are having some problems.

So, we always sit down and talk about what the priority is of change, and how this works within the body. And really when it comes down to it, about 75% of the results that you are getting are coming from your nutritional choices. You cannot outrun or out-work a bad diet. It just can’t be done. So if you’re eating terrible junk food all day long, or on a consistent basis, then you are really going to see that you cannot workout enough hours of the day to fight off all of the extra storage that your body is pulling in.

Okay, so what should you do here? Well, first of all you shouldn’t go crazy. By that I mean you don’t want to go into the deprivation or the restriction diets to where you are not giving the body the nutrition that it needs. You really don’t want to go in that direction because that can lead to a lot of long term health problems. We actually did a post a few days ago that. It can really cause some significant damage to the body, so you want to make sure to not go crazy and get into anything like that.

Rather than going down the path of crazy diets, start to keep it real. You want to keep it real with real food, you want to make sure that you have a focus on balancing that food, and you want to be sure that you are getting the rainbow of colors in your food everyday.

A lot of people these days are leaning towards supplements, and that’s fine as long as their filling in gaps in your diet, but whenever they are your diet, then you have an issue. So if you keep it real with actual food, then your body will be able to process better, it will be able to absorb better, and it will be able to change better.

So the next thing for you to do with your diet is to make it sustainable. With whatever you do, I’m guessing that you want to be able to continue it and that it’s not just something that you want to do for a little bit and then stop. So if the goal over time is to change your body, then you are going to have to find something sustainable that can do that–something that will allow you to live outside of the bubble and to live with your family.

A lot of times people are doing one thing and giving their family other things, and basically they are cooking two separate meals every time and that can become a horrendous thing to have to keep doing over time. It can become very frustrating, especially when you see that some of your family members may not be supporting your goals and your needs. That stems from the fact that you started that two meal process, and it will drive you crazy. So anytime that you can actively involve your support team in what you are doing, the better that it’s going to turn out in the end.

The last part is to remember to be joyful. Remember to live outside of the bubble. You have to find something that is sustainable, that’s not restricting, that is real food, but then again you have to remember that every now and then you have to let loose and have whatever you want, and that’s okay.

That’s where a lot of people come in and they get really bummed out because they’ll come in for their consult and tell me that before they came in they had their “last bagel” or their “last donut”. Then we sit down and I explain that they can still have those things every now and then as long at it’s in balance with the healthy stuff that they’re having. So there is a lot of ways around a lot of those things, and then there are some things that you know are gateway foods.

You know that if you get off of them for a little while and then you start to have just a little bit of it, then it’s just going to take you right back to square one. So those gateway foods for you are not the best option to throw back in during those joyful times. However, there are other foods that you do enjoy, and that you want to enjoy, and that you can enjoy as long as you are in balance with the rest of it.

I hope that this blog today gave you a good step in the right direction towards changing your nutrition in small ways, but also keeping it doable over time so that you can live in those joyful moments.

So, if you are wanting the accountability and help with creating an action plan to see results, or are wanting to someone to help create a workout plan to push you to your greatest potential, then that’s what we’re here for. What we do is work with our clients not just on fitness, but also nutrition. We will ensure that you are supported throughout every aspect of your health and wellness journey, and that includes making those eating changes. We have an entire team of dedicated professionals to help you with your health and fitness goals. To get your consultation set up, give us a call at 806-322-3188 or email us at info@customfitness.biz At Custom Fitness, we are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas. Have a great day.