Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking more about leaving challenge mode and moving into real life. Now be sure to read part one if you haven’t already at the link here: And as always, if you have any questions about today’s blog then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

Last time we were getting further into the idea of “challenge mode” and seeing how to get out of that. And not all challenges are bad, challenges can be great for a little while, but you need to make sure that you are set up to continue on afterwards. And that leads us back into the ultimate vision. With that idea of the ultimate vision, you need to be setting goals and building habits for yourself. The thing about that is that it has to be maintainable. So maybe you have this habit that you’ve been trying to form of working out three times a day. Is that honestly realistic considering how your life is? You might need to give up a few of these big goals to make way for more realistic goals.

For each person it’s unique, and you have to find that things that work for you as a person, for your goals set, and for you as a member of a family. You have to find that way that works for you, and not everyone can do the same things. Believe it or not, you don’t have to food prep 24 hours a week, there are ways that you can work around that. There’s always options.

The other thing about your life mindset is that typically it’s safer than your challenge mindset because you’re able to do things in a more maintainable, slower progression. Now, that takes a mindset switch, right?

So this client of mine that I mentioned earlier, she had been going through all of these challenges. As they’re coming out of that, as I said they were very confused as to how they let all of these carbs and sugar back in, and they are still seeing results. It takes that mindset switch to be able to really understand that you don’t have to be 100% drastic to receive great results, and sometimes the results are going to be different.

So if you go into a challenge and you are completely deconditioned-you haven’t been working out at all, you haven’t been eating right-and then you’re in this three week challenge and they take out all sugar and all carbs, you’re going to lose weight because you’re going to lose water weight. Your body is going to pull that water out. And that is something that i’m very upfront with my clients about. I let them know that x,y,z is going to happen; they are going to lose water weight, they are going to lose inflammation, and yes they are going to lose fat over time but it doesn’t take just three weeks to do that.

So we start to see those progressions, we start to see those movement changes. And as you start to change your nutrition level and change your exercise level to where you aren’t overtraining but you are getting just enough, then it starts to make things different.

So that mindset change is sometimes the hardest thing to go through, and understanding that things can be much simpler than what they are during a challenge, that can be mind blowing for some people. So you have to start training your mind that it’s okay to not have a reward every week, it’s okay to not have a financial reward that you’re reaching for, but rather a health reward.

And it’s okay to get results in a different way. It doesn’t mean slower, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to see anything for the next year, it means that they are going to be getting you results in a way that your body is actually timing it out so that it can maintain it and it makes sense to it. It’s not just a drastic drop.

If you haven’t heard about the research that they’ve done on The Biggest Loser TV show, feel free to go and google that and find out what happened to those people after they had lost all of that weight in such a drastic way. It can really come back to bite you. So you want to make sure that you’re doing it in the healthiest way possible and that’s where we start to change that mindset from challenge to life, really moving forward in life and being as healthy as we can be.

And you know what? That’s going to affect other people in our life. Our family members, especially our kids, they’re going to start to see that it doesn’t have to be a challenge after challenge or a shake after shake, it can be a lifestyle of healthy eating and healthy exercise. That can be a really awesome thing to see and to kind of start to develop within your kids. They start to see those things and start to experience what healthy living is like, and then you know that you’re doing a great job because when they reach their adulthood they won’t be in this panicky challenge mode.

So i’m going to end part one here. In part four we’re going to be talking more about moving out of challenge mode and into real life.

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