Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about leaving challenge mode and moving into real life. Now be sure to read part one if you haven’t already at the link here: And as always, if you have any questions about today’s blog then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

So the last time we were talking about what challenge mode is and we touched a bit on the idea of your “ultimate vision”.

So, with the challenge mindset, it’s something that, honestly, is not maintainable. People usually get into these challenges and they can’t maintain it for very long.  And “very long” can mean a lot of different things to different people. It could mean three days, six months, a year, whatever it may be, but eventually there is going to be a point where that challenge mindset kind of stops. Everything stops, your body gives out, your willpower gives out, your brain doesn’t know what to do, and then you just kind of panic. That’s the moment when you realize that you let all of the sugar and carbs come back in, you aren’t in that exercise routine, and now you don’t know how to control this because you are no longer reaching for that reward of getting your money back or getting that prize.

Now, the other problem with challenges is that they can actually be a physical and mental danger to you. So in the corporate world we do a lot of corporate wellness as well, and in the corporate world we don’t believe in doing fat loss challenges or weight loss challenges. Instead we do more fitness based challenges and more health based challenges.

Studies have shown that the people that are doing those weight loss challenges like the biggest loser and things like that in a corporate setting are actually sending a lot of people to the hospital. These people get so focus on winning that prize that they start doing weight loss enhancers, and they start on different medicines.

We have even had experience with someone doing a bariatric surgery prior to doing the challenge and then not mentioning that to anyone in the facility. Yes they dropped a lot of weight, but they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing and that caused some issues for them.

With challenges, again i’m not saying that they are all bad there are a lot of good ones out there. There are are a lot based in whole food nutrition, finding a balance in you life, and healthy exercises that you can do. You don’t want this drastic thing to do and then just cut it off, but rather you want something that will prepare you to keep going in the real world. There is just so many different ways to do this and with fitness being such a huge industry nowadays, a lot of people are doing things in ways that they probably shouldn’t be just to get these results. And those results are great if you lose that 25 pounds or that 30 pounds, but afterwards it’s just going to come right back.

That is where Custom Fitness’ challenges are a little bit different. I refuse to do a challenge where it’s going to leave somebody hanging and causes them to turn right back around and end up where they were before. The whole goal of what we are doing in our comprehensive training is to make sure that nobody ever has to go back to square one. We want them to have the education and the knowledge and the ability to move themselves forward in their lives and in their goals and to constantly continue to be better, rather than moving backwards.

And again, in the fitness industry, sometimes you will find places like that, sometimes you will find people that aren’t thinking quite that far ahead and they just want you to get those results in that specified amount of time so that you can come and experience what they have and then they’re done.

So, the challenge mindset is a little bit different than the life mindset, right? So the life mindset is that we built that ultimate vision and we are building our goals towards that vision, so we are working towards a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc goal, whatever that goal may be. And during that time we are working on one habit at a time, we are trying to build one new habit that is healthy in our life at a time to build us towards that ultimate vision.

Again, back in that video about your ultimate vision, we were talking about building a habit every week and working on that direction. We want to make sure that with whatever we are doing in life is maintainable. It has to be maintainable, obviously, if we are reaching towards a lifelong vision, so we want to make sure that we’re keeping away from those things that are absolutely unrealistic, things that we just know we can’t do. Maybe that’s with food prep everyday, maybe it’s sorting by ounces and weight of the food, maybe it’s exercising three times a day.

So i’m going to end part two here. In part three we’re going to be talking more about getting out of the challenge mindset.

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