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So I was out and about earlier and happened to drop by a pharmacy that I go to regularly. I know the people who work there and everything. I just kind of heard some things going on that made me think, “You know, there’s just no question at all as why we all walk around so confused.” You could go to six different places today. You could go to a gym, to a health store, to talk to a friend, to get on Facebook. Therefore, you could go to six different places and get six different answers on what you should be doing to ‘lose weight’, to ‘live healthy’, and what you haven’t done correctly, right? You will get told how you need to drastically turn your life around today and do X, Y, Z in order to be this person that you have in your mind that you want to be. These people, with all good intentions, are trying to help you get there.

The problem is that you’re going to get six different answers from those places, right? So we go through life hearing all of these different things. Why? Because somebody somewhere changed something they were doing, had success with it, and thought, “Well, I have to tell the world about this.” And so they made it into a plan, gave the plan a name, promoted that plan out, marketing that plan out, and sold it to other people. Now everyone thinks that that plan is the one plan, and here’s the problem. You and I are unique. Every single person is unique. Not only in how you look and how you act but how your body works. Physiologically, you are unique. Some nutrients absorb better than others and some nutrients are not absorbed at all. Some foods are not tolerated at all whereas others are tolerated very well.

Take coffee, for instance, about half of the population can drink coffee and not have any physiological side effects from it. Now I’m not saying that you don’t feel those side effects because a lot of people drink coffee and they don’t feel those side effects even though they have them. But about half of the population can drink it without side effects. Whereas the other half have side effects whether they feel them or not.

So this is leading us to everybody trying to follow the same plan. I had somebody in here earlier who said word for word, “If I could just sit down with you for an hour and you could tell me what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and do that with my husband present so that he hears what it is that you’re telling us we need to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday for the rest of our lives, then we’ll be set.” Well, the problem is I can’t do that because we have to have variety. We have to have options.

Nutrients, Nutrients, Nutrients!

So instead of telling people what exactly at what times, we go over learning the foundations of what it is your body needs, and that is really what all six of those people that you went to fictitiously visit today have in common. They may be promoting different styles of eating and different things that you haven’t really considered. For instance, maybe it’s the keto diet, blood type diet or maybe it’s … there’s a million different ones. The thing is that they all started at the same foundational ideas. The idea is that we have to get in balanced nutrition, right? We have macronutrients that our body needs. proteins, carbs, fats, and we have to have them. We have to have certain ratios of them. Not every one of us has to have the same ratios. Each person has a different amount of ratios due to your body type, metabolism and your age. There’s so many different factors. Therefore, you have to pick the right amount of ratios for you. It all boils down to having a balanced amount of nutrition.

Next, that nutrition needs to come from whole food sources. That’s what most of these diets are about. Paleo, Daniel Diet, keto diet, you name it, it’s coming from whole food sources, from natural food. It’s not coming from Twinkies and Ding Dongs and whatever else you’re eating. It’s coming from whole food.

Why Whole Foods Are The Best For Your Body

So balanced nutrition, whole food sources, what’s the third part? The third part is avoiding foods that don’t work for your body. Now, I’m kind of on a rant on this today because I’ve had some people come in and tell me, “You know what, I ate well for 12 months. All of last year I ate really well, and it was time for a break. So I’ve taken the last four or five months off.” Well, the way that I explain that to them being that they like motorcycles, I explain that you can give your motorcycle 12 months worth of really great gas. And then all of a sudden if you decide that it needs a month off of gas, you give it apple juice, it’s going to go to crap. You’re not going to be able to drive it anywhere. That’s the honest to goodness truth. It’s the same thing with our bodies. Now I’m not saying you can’t ever divert from the plan, have a joyful meal, enjoy life at a party or anything like that. What I’m saying is that your health cannot withstand a four to five month break from nutrition because that’s what gives us health, that’s what keeps our body moving forward.

So if you’re going to have good health, the majority of the time we need to average out having a healthy diet. And, again, that is balancing your nutrients, getting whole food sources, and staying away from the foods that bother us or are toxic to us. So if you find out that you’re allergic to dairy and you think, “Well, I’ll just have a little bit here and there,” it’s kind of like you have a fire almost out and then you just pour a bucket of gasoline on it. Just brought it right back up. It did nothing over the time that you just stayed away from it because you just flared it all right back up.

So there are times in our lives where we have to act like grown ups and know that certain foods do not do well with us, and we cannot continue to eat them. We have to step back and find other alternatives. Now there’s also the people that are allergic to so many different things and obviously there’s some room for some medical help there. We’ve got a lot of alternative physicians here in town that work with people on that. But you want to make sure that whatever nutrition plan that you’re following has these three basics: balanced nutrition, wholesome real food, and staying away from foods that you’re sensitive or allergic to or that are toxic to you. And by toxic, I mean chemically processed food.

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