Hi, everybody. Kris Stokes from Custom Fitness, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today’s topic is about not using any gym machines and how it works. Well, I want to tell you, I absolutely love when a new client or a team member walks into the studio for the first time.

More specifically, I love watching their face. As somebody walks in for the first time, they already think they know what to expect. They’re expecting some sort of typical gym, where they’re gonna walk in, they’re gonna see a bunch of machines they don’t know what to do with.

Expect The Unexpected

They have in mind the type of people that are going to be in there and the kind of atmosphere. What’s going on? Well, let’s face it, just walking in the door of somewhere and you’ve got that going on in your head, is a huge step, right?

You’re already intimidating yourself before you even walk in, but then they open the door to the studio and the look on their face says it all. You see, we don’t have the big normal gym machines that you find everywhere else.

We also don’t have the same gym type crowd that everywhere else has. In fact, we have very little equipment on the floor at all. The entire atmosphere is completely different.

Welcome Home

It’s really more home like, inviting, is what most of our clients tell us. The crowd of people there, really can’t call it a crowd because we keep our population a little more minimal, to make sure that everybody has a higher quality experience.

Honestly, every person who’s there, is there for similar goals. It may not be the same exact goal, but they’re there because they need a place that’s going to help them reach their goals in the right way, that’s right for their body. Not just the right way that’s right for research, but the right way that’s right for their body and they each got certain things that they’d like to change.

Everybody there, from an emotional standpoint, is kind of from the same place. They want to find this answer and that’s what we help to provide them. I’ve worked in just about every gym in like a 20 mile radius and I can teach people how to use equipment available. I have taught people how to use the equipment available in those big box gyms during my 20+ years in this industry. I know that you can get results from using big machines but it’s a different type of results sometimes.

Gym Memberships

In order to get those results, you actually have to show up to use them, which is the hard part. Right? When you buy a gym membership, you’re really just renting the machines. If that’s what you love doing and you enjoy working out at a big box gym, that’s great. Keep getting great results and go forward. It’s when you stop getting great results or you’re not showing up, that’s the problem.

When I opened the studio five years ago, I took all of my experience from all these years and all the places that I’ve worked and I figured out that I wanted to teach people something more valuable than how to move a bulky machine. I wanted to teach them how to make their daily life more efficient. Also, I wanted to teach them how to feel better, how to move better, how to change their bodies for the better.

Mind Blown..

Did you know that we can get the same results with a cheap set of resistance bands that are under $100? Add up your gym membership months, how many times have you not gone and wasted that money and could have spent it on say, one simple piece of equipment that could be at your home, taken with you in your car and everywhere else that you go and still get you great results, right?

At the studio, if you’ve watched our videos, you’ve also seen that we use simple pieces of fabric sometimes, for different exercises and we get great results with that. It’s not about what you have, it’s about knowing how to use your body and figuring out what you absolutely need at a certain point in time because having an elliptical in your house is great, but you may not need that elliptical. Correct? A Pilates machine, may be great but you may not need that at a certain point in time. So, we have to make sure that we have the right equipment for the right goals at the right point in time.


I know the biggest challenge that I face as a professional though, in this field is the dreaded excuse. Everybody has the, right? They come from every direction at every moment during the day. When you think about it, and you take the time to think about it, you can come up with just about any reason not to exercise or eat healthy, right? For a while, I worked at one of the churches here in town.

I was using their facility so that I could train people in the interim, between working over at one of the gyms and opening our own place. Surprisingly, that church happened to have three different buildings and we happened to be in one of the unoccupied buildings. On the days that I worked, nobody was there. I was up on the second floor, in the back corner, with dark hallways. They didn’t turn on the lights or anything like that.

And so that was an excuse, right? You pull up to that, that’s intimidating. I don’t know what building to go into, I don’t know what floor, I don’t even know what room. How am I going to find this? I used to come downstairs and meet people out in the parking lot and walked them up, so we could make sure and walk in together because if I didn’t do that, they weren’t going to show up. They would call me and tell me, well, I decided I can’t workout today and that is just a darn shame. If you know me, I want to give you a reason to exercise, not to have an excuse not to.

I do everything in my power to help people to find the reasons to do things. Even if that means completely restructuring whatever plan I just set for them two weeks ago because that plan may not have worked. It may not have been the right moment of their life to have that plan and so, we sit down and we restructure things and we find a plan that does work. If you look at it that way, then you’re looking more at what is going to make me show up?

If you go to the big box gyms, that you’re not showing up to, and you have your cute little key tag that you show people and say, “hey, I’ve got this key tag. I’m a member over here”. That’s great. When’s the last time you went?

Building On Possibility

If you haven’t been going or making use of that membership, then what is it that’s going to make you show up? Well, some people need to take the gym factor out, right? When you take that gym factor out, you’re left with only possibility.

That’s where the roots of the studio came from. We’re just building on possibility, taking away excuses and helping you to not only move through more natural movement patterns by not using the big bulky machines. We’re also ensuring that you can do your workouts anywhere, anytime, no special equipment required.

If you make it all the way to Florida and you forgot your bands to take with you, that’s great. As a client of ours, you give us a call, we write you a program that’s body weight or we help you to understand what to use down in the hotel gym or whatever it may come to.

We want to make sure that you have an answer and that’s not said in a forceful way either, just so you know. For me personally, the flexibility and possibility and the improvement in more than just muscular size, by changing up what I’m doing, I’m able to improve my flexibility.

I’m able to improve my muscle tone, so that I can look longer and leaner. I am able to improve my fat burning ability, my metabolism, all sorts of things. That’s a huge perk, but the flexibility is also a huge perk for me.

I’m a business owner, I’m a mom, I homeschool, I have a family to run, I have things to do and people to meet with and see all the time. I need that flexibility and I can tell you that what we do at the studio is the same thing that I do personally. I take my workout and I may do it at the studio, at home, in a hotel room or at a park with my kids.

There’s so many possibilities when you understand that working out is about more than just a machine. What is it that makes you show up and what kind of workouts are your favorites?

So, if you are wanting the accountability and help with creating an action plan to see results, or are wanting someone to help create a workout plan to push you to your greatest potential, then that’s what we’re here for. We work with our clients not just on fitness, but also nutrition. What we do is we will ensure that you are supported throughout every aspect of your health and wellness journey, and that includes making those eating changes. We have an entire team of dedicated professionals to help you with your health and fitness goals. To get your consultation set up, give us a call at 806-322-3188 or email us at info@customfitness.biz At Custom Fitness, we are YOUR personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas.

Have a great day!