Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo.  Today we are looking at why someone would hire a personal trainer for their goals.  If you read this article and would like more information, give us a call: 806-322-3188. Our trainers would be happy to discuss your options with you.

If you have ever considered hiring a personal trainer, you may have also asked yourself “Can’t I just go workout at the gym by myself and get the same results?” Although you can get some weight-loss results from working out at a gym on your own, you miss out on the many benefits of working out with a personal trainer.

Reach Your Goals Faster and Safer

When you have the one-to-one personal attention of a trainer, you will get faster, better and longer-lasting results than if you develop your own routine at the gym. Faster weight-loss results come when you work out with a personal trainer, because the exercise plan you start will be customized specifically for you.

My staff is comprised of personal trainers in Amarillo, Texas who have gone to school for fitness. They understand nutrition on a microscopic and macroscopic level.  My trainers have studied and become certified in developing workout programs with an array of goals in mind. Building a workout plan that is based on an assessment of your goals, current fitness level, and preferred activities, is one way a personal trainer can help.

You get a workout that eliminates unnecessary movements and focuses on the most efficient exercises that target those areas that you need to work on the most. Your trainer helps you start your routine with exercises that are appropriate for your current fitness level and monitor your form, posture, and equipment use, which means less risk of injury for you. Working out by yourself at the gym leaves the door open for possible injuries from incorrect use of gym equipment or unsafe form during exercises. Another measure of safety is ensuring that you are maintaining the proper fat loss and muscle gain that is healthy for you and your body type. Losing too much fat too quickly or gaining too much muscle too quickly are risks to your health, but when a certified trainer monitors your weight loss and muscle gain, you decrease those risks.

Stay Motivated

Everyone has days that they don’t feel like working out. Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to stay motivated, more than just holding yourself accountable to go to the gym on your own. Having a personal coach who can encourage you and motivate you to stay with your workout routine, especially on days that you aren’t in the mood to workout, can help you keep the momentum going that you started building when you first began exercising. This means you reach your goals faster and are less likely to give up entirely on your program.

I often have clients who will admit that they enjoy showing up to workout even on the days they weren’t feeling it, because we offer a no-excuse environment. They also say that having someone to be accountable to is definitely why they come in.  Personal trainers can offer a lot to you, not just fitness benefits.

Overcome the Plateau

A common negative effect of a self-developed routine at the gym is the dreaded plateau of results. After you’ve made progress for a while, you may find that when doing the same routine as you always have, your body doesn’t respond as well and you reach a plateau. Maybe your weight has stagnated, or your cardio routine is no longer a challenge, or maybe lifting has become boring. Having a personal trainer alleviates that problem, because he or she knows how to change your workout plan as your body changes. This means that you experience continuous results and reach your goals faster than if you try do it own your own. Having a fresh routine that is personally prepared for you and filled with new exercises that target your specific weight loss or muscle gain goals takes the stress out of trying to figure out how to develop your own workout routine.

Get Excited

I will preach this sentiment everyday: You cannot have exciting results until you get excited about getting the results.  What I mean is that you have to tell your brain that lacing up your shoes is exciting.  Stepping in the door is a precursor to something great.  Turning up the music and chatting with the trainer is going to be fun.  Find the optimism in working out and showing up will be easy.

At Custom Fitness, we want to develop genuine relationships with you.  When you come in we want to keep you engaged so you’ll come back.  We want to know who you are not just in our studio, but what makes you, you.  That will help us get a better idea of how to help you on your change of a lifetime.

Personal Trainers also keep things exciting for you. Changing up your workout every 3-6 weeks will enable you to show up and try new things. You will gain strength in ways you never knew you could.  The Custom Fitness studio isn’t your regular gym, we offer weights and group classes, but we also bring out trampolines, a TRX system, Pilates machine and more. We want you always guessing what fun we can have in store for you.

Setting a regular time to meet with your personal trainer is a great way to build the positive habit of working out regularly. Building healthy habits leads to long-term results and a change in lifestyle. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle that includes working out regularly, the fastest way to get there is by getting the help of a personal trainer.

Take the first step and talk to one of our trainers about our many programs: nutrition, personal training, group fitness and more. We are ready to get you on your way to your goals. You can contact us at 806-322-3188 or info@customfitness.biz.  We look forward to working with you.  Have a great day.