Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. In the last post we ended with talking about variety, and today we’re going to be talking about location, and finally get down to the numbers. If you want to read part one then click here: https://customfitness.biz/2018/01/12/much-personal-training-cost-whats-included-part-1-custom-fitness-amarillo-personal-trainers/

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So, the last thing is location.

Location is going to be key as to how much they will be charging you. If they’re at a gym and they’re contract labor, they’ll have to be paying a percentage to the gym and that increase the rate of their session in order to make an even profit. Now, if they’re at a park, they can charge a lot less. So you want to find out where you’re going, is that a place you’re comfortable going, and does that meet your needs.

A lot of times people go outside to workout, and that’s great. A lot of people go to a private club, and that’s good, just know that those rates are going to be a little bit higher there. If you go to one of the discount gyms, then they’re going to have lower level pricing as well as lower quality services. Again, not a solid answer to this, because you can find great people wherever you’re at, it’s just a matter of who you choose.

Now, you may be wondering where our studio falls into all of this. You may be wondering why i haven’t started throwing out numbers yet, but that’s because there is a lot of different factors that go into that.

As you know, we’re Custom Fitness and I’m kind of type A on that. The word Custom means a lot to me-everything is customized. My goal is to allow our team to provide you the highest quality of service, the highest quality of session, the best value, and excellent experience and certification. All of our trainers are highly certified, and the experience they have is amazing.

They are always improving, and I work with them on an educational basis; they teach me things and I teach them things. So we are constantly doing research, we constantly learn, and that’s just one of the perks of being here.

Also, for us variety is key. So we make sure that you have a lot of different options, and a lot of variety. This is to ensure that your body doesn’t plateau. It’s not just your brain that gets bored, but your body gets bored too.

For location, we have our own private studio. Our clients train here as often as they feel comfortable with, and then they can go home or to the gym and do their workouts. All they’re doing is hiring us as their health coaches to be able to implement programs for them and then they’re able to do some of that work on their own if they want, or they can do it all here. It’s completely up to them.

So what does personal training cost?

So personal training in Amarillo ranges anywhere from typically $50 to $80 a session. Now, if you add in most gyms or clubs, then you also have to add in the membership fee, the personal training fee, if you have kids then the childcare fee, and possibly extra class fees or measurement fees. This can all add up pretty quick.

Now for us, what we did is eliminate those fees. So our clients, starting out at say anywhere from $99 a month and up, they can get: personal training that can be customized to them, and they can get nutrition planning and coaching. And with nutrition planning they get nutrition programming which we meet on consistently to make sure they everything they need, and they’re following along and staying accountable. They also get measurements with our 3D scanner, and that is a monthly thing so we can check on your progress. And they get variety in their scheduling where we change up their programming every four weeks. And they get (and I know I’m a little biased) a pretty nice place to come workout.

It’s pretty comfortable here, it’s not a typical gym setting. It doesn’t have all of the big, bulky machines, and we’ve done that on purpose so that you don’t have an excuse to not workout whenever you’re away from us. At home you don’t have all the big machines, but you do have your body and you know how to use it to workout. You can get the same exercise in, you can follow the same nutrition plan, and you can still get results whether you’re here, or you’re on a beach in Hawaii.

I hope this post answered your questions. Again, personal training ranges from what the service price is and what you’re getting there. However, the big factor is for you to decide if this is an expense for you or an investment for you. Understand that personal training, health coaching, nutrition coaching, is an investment in your health. Skimping out on it to save a few bucks is typically not your best route. You end up with a lower quality of service and a lower quality session type then what you would if you chose something a bit more expensive.

Now, the range is typically $50 to $80 for a session, but we start at $99 a month and we fall below those ranges. I have encountered some people that are skeptical and wonder why we charge a little bit less. My answer always is that I want personal training to be something that is not only available to the elite. I want personal training, health coaching, nutrition coaching to be available to you. Whether you are a school teacher, or a stay at home mom, or an independent business person.

There are a lot of us out there that $100 a session or $80 a session, that can really kill us, and we’re not able to do it consistently. And I know that when you don’t do it consistently, you don’t get it done as far as getting results. I want you to get your results. And that’s where our sessions cut a little bit below that scale. We raise the value on what’s offered during the sessions to make sure that you get every dollar that you have paid worth it plus ten times more.

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