Black and White

Success and Failure

Progress and Regress

100% or nothing

These are some of the words used to define our lives through our current mindset.

Humans are excellent at expecting perfection but not noticing the progress.

That’s the reason everyone weighs as much as they do, right?

They desperately want to see “that” number on the scale because they expect that the work they’ve done will show there…BUT they miss the fact that they’ve had victories everyday that week outside of the scale.

After talking with several people over the last week about this same issue, I felt I had to share this idea with you…there’s a gray area! There’s room for progress without a finish line, there’s room to improve at 70%.

A huge stumbling block for most people is the moment that they realize their expectations haven’t come true.

That’s the moment when we feel that our hard work just isn’t hard enough and that we may never succeed.

But it’s not about perfect. It’s about progress.

It’s not about a finish line, but rather the habits and steps you took to get there (because then you know how to cross more than one).

It’s about you getting excited about your daily victories and being willing to stay the course.

Today is the perfect day to make progress, and if you keep that as your daily mantra, you might just find that the finish line wasn’t as hard to reach as you once thought. If you need help with anything at all, just give us a call at 806-322-3188.