Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo.  Today we’re talking about long-term consistency over short-term peak performance. This subject often divides fitness enthusiasts, so which one should you target?  We will also talk about how to keep your workout mojo going for the long-term. If you have questions about today’s blog or would like to discuss options for you achieving your goal in the long or short term, give us a call: 806-322-3188.

Confusion comes from misinterpreting the word performance. They associate it only with athleticism – perfect athleticism at that.  In fact, performance can be in regards to exercise, nutrition, or even motivation.  When I say performance today I’m talking in the general sense; to have performed something.

This term reminds me of some of my clients who start off really excited and raring to go workout. If I don’t see them for a few weeks or months, some admit that they “fell off the wagon” or “I can’t seem to give 100%” or “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong; please don’t be mad at me.”  These clients are upset at their own performance. First off, I have to tell them that I have a Clean Slate policy. Everyday is a chance to start again and get back on yesterday’s wagon.  Custom Fitness is a place free of judgement as long as you are trying.  Secondly, we sit down to look at their trajectory.  If their aim is perfection, they are going to be sorely disappointed.  This is often met with odd looks.  Let me explain.

The thing to strive for is consistency, not perfection, with lifestyle change.  You want to be consistent enough to create a change, but not so consistent where you get sick of it. I’m going to be real honest, the nutrition and exercise industry that I am in, nobody really wants to do this stuff. They say they do (and there are a few crazies like myself who enjoy the burn), but really they’d rather be lounging on a couch somewhere eating pizza. Changing your diet, sleep or exercise habits is HARD. We have to take into account that not all of us are wired to enjoy the feeling of being sore or shopping for as many colorful veggies that we can possibly find. If you aren’t programmed that way, but you are wanting to hit 100% effort every day, that’s just not going to happen.

Consider the fact that failure and success are not absolutes. There is a range of gray between the two that you can use to your advantage.

Another thing I tell my clients as a personal trainer in Amarillo is the importance of following the  80% law. Anything done at 100% to produce performance will create a very high peak followed by a very low valley. You push your body and your mind to 100% of your ability and then you will crash. The apex of a peak is not very wide; as soon as you reach the top, you’re already on your way back down.  It’s impossible to maintain 100% for the life of a goal. When you instead push for 80%, you will start off giving most of what you can and you will be able to maintain that effort over a longer (more consistent) performance period. You will certainly have small dips of lower activity, but nothing like the valley from the 100%.

Take measurement graphs as another example. Say your starting point, A, is directly where the X and Y-Axes.  Newcomers envision their next measurement will be a diagonal increase (for you math prone people, somewhere around (5,5)). Nothing you will do in this life is a straight line.  Your progress actually occurs in waves. As long as those waves are moving in a positive direction, you are doing great! Don’t let the dips discourage you.

The body is not a machine, despite what your brain tells you. It cannot sustain peak performance forever. It is crucial that the body have moments of more and less activity as long as it is consistent over the long term. The ebb and flow is where will you find more energy, deeper sleep, more mental focus, healthier choices at the store. You are making your way up.

Channeling your effort into being consistent with your program develops your accountability too. Making sure that you are checking in with someone so they can keep you on track when temptation is looming. I don’t mean someone who will call you every minute of the day to see if you meal prepped or went for a walk, but someone who can lift you up and remind you of your goal. Consistency and accountability go hand in hand for success.

I’ve been a personal trainer for a while. The people who “get it” and “maintain it”, they are the ones who keep at it 80% of the time. They understand that holidays come and go and when they do, it is okay to live a little bit. Maybe you go to the holiday celebration and splurge (read as: not going overboard), but prior to the event you were choosing things like veggies and water to preload the meal. You are working the 80%. Look into your own routine and see if you can make a few changes to help you follow the 80% rule. If you want long-term success, you’ll find it if you can maintain consistency and motivation 80% of the time.

If you’d like more help from my team to help you create a done-for-you plan where we will customize exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle modification to meet your needs. That’s what we do here at Custom Fitness. We would love to talk with you. Don’t put it off until January.  A lot of people postpone their fresh start because they feel they are too busy. Don’t be ran over by the holidays. Get a head start on the new you. Start now to develop more energy and mental focus to help get you through the holidays. Give us a call 806-322-3188 or e-mail us at info@customfitness.biz. At Custom Fitness, we are YOUR personal trainer in Amarillo, Texas. Have a great day.