Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about if the Keto diet is worth the risks. This is going to be the first part in a two part series. So be sure to be on the lookout for part two coming tomorrow. And if you have any questions about today’s blog, then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

We have so many clients that come to us from doing so many different plans. Maybe they tried something that didn’t work, or they’re still working on something. But it seems that with the fad of the Keto diet, it seems like I’m hearing about it more and more. And the frustration that comes along with it is almost kind of scary.

People feel like they are doing everything they possibly can, they’re cutting every single thing out of their diet that they could possibly ever love. And they saw great results in the beginning, maybe they’re still seeing some great results, but they want to go a little bit further.

And as they continue on they see that they get less and less results from what they’re doing, and that’s very frustrating. Because what is the Keto diet? It’s all protein and very, very low carb. So you’re not getting anything outside of very few vegetables and protein throughout the day.

Now, it does work for some, but do you know where the Keto diet comes from? Do you know what it is?

We have to start with acknowledging the fact that everyone these days wants this magic pill, or that super fast way to start losing weight. And losing weight can be important to your health, but you have to remember that weight is only a part of the puzzle. It’s one piece, it’s not the whole thing, and just losing weight does not make you healthier. It may change your body, but it does not give you that muscular tone, it doesn’t give you better health, it doesn’t give you better energy, it doesn’t help you to sleep better.

When you deprive your body of certain things, you actually tend to have less energy. You sleep less because your body is crying out for these things. You even become more agitated and frustrated. So whenever you engage in this super high protein, super low carb diet, you’re sure to lose a couple extra pounds but is it worth it?

Again let’s look at where the Keto diet comes from.

The Keto, or the Ketogenic diet, was initially used in the 1920s as a therapy protocol for people with epilepsy. So they were going to manage epilepsy with a different style of diet.

Now, if you know much about nutrition or have been looking into the holistic or natural side of things, then you may have seen that a lot of conditions have been found to be improved by changing your diet.

A lot of the typical, American diet protocols that we follow, or foods that we eat, typically do not lend themselves well to healing our bodies. And so if we start to change our diet, then we start to see progress in some of those areas.

Now, when the Keto diet was created for this epilepsy management, it was completely tied to a medical supervised program between a neuro physician and a dietitian. That means that these two professionals had to work hand in hand to ensure that the person was not going to see any ill results from this. They absolutely had to be medically supervised.

Now these days if you tell someone who’s experimenting with the Keto diet that they had to be medically supervised, they would laugh at you. They say things like, You know i’m losing weight and I feel fine, so I’m the exception. I can keep going with this. I’ve known people that have been on this for months! Everyone’s a little different with their story. But it’s really a complete lie.

Why? Not because they’re consciously trying to lie to anybody, but because the body often struggles with things internally, and whenever it does it sends signals to you, to let you know that things are not going well inside. That things need to change, that something has to change or else or else it’s going to crash, and crumble, and that means that we die. Really, we would rather keep from having that happen, at least I know I would.

So it’s really whether or not we listen to our body’s signals. And too often people aren’t listening anymore. So if we don’t listen, then whatever is happening becomes something that manifests itself deeper and deeper, and becomes bigger and bigger and more of a problem. Whereas if we were listen quicker, then we can kind of rid our body of that problem and then we can move on and things can go back to the way they were.

So anything from lifting incorrectly, to dehydration, to over exhaustion, the body really tries it’s best to tell you what is going on. And sometimes we listen, sometimes we don’t. And if we do, then perhaps we don’t know what we’ve prevented. That’s one of the best things that it can tell you. It’s best to not know what you’ve prevented.

So by doing things healthfully, then you don’t have to worry about those things. You don’t have to worry about those problems coming up, those medical issues coming up, and then having to wonder why they happened. But if you don’t listen, that’s where you can end up in some serious trouble.

I’m going to end part one here, but i’m going to be posting part two very soon.

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