Count Down To Christmas!

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Workshops $15 Each:

Tuesday  12/12/17   7pm-8:30pm   The Unique Benefits of Suspension Training      Justin Adams

Friday     12/15/17   6pm-7:30pm    Making HIIT Training Work For You                         Larnce Hicks

Group Sessions $10 Each:

Thursday  12/14/17   7pm-7:50pm                   GLOW Yoga                                                        Hannah Platt

Thursday  12/21/17   7pm-7:50pm                   GLOW Yoga                                                        Hannah Platt


$10   Tuesday   12/19/17   12-1pm     Goal Setting for 2018: Making This Your Best Year Yet!  Justin Adams

$20   Wed.        12/20/17    6:15pm-7:45pm     Vegetables Even Your Husband Will Eat

Marla Evans, MNT

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Proceeds from all Countdown To Christmas Offerings will go toward the Secret Santa Project.


What is the Custom Fitness Secret Santa Project?
Each Christmas when I was growing up, my mom would find someone or some group who needed help and find a way to help them. It was inspiring to watch her donate her time, money and heart to those in need. We would often be a “secret Santa” to people who couldn’t provide for themselves but didn’t know where to find the help they needed.
This is something I still feel very passionate about to this day. Each year, I try to find the place that God is leading me to lend my resources and heart to.
Sometimes it’s an easy path, however, sometimes at Christmas it seems like worthy causes are all around us. Often it’s easy to jump on board with the big charity organizations (which is wonderful- I’m not by any means saying not to), but for me, it is even more special when we can find a cause closer to home. Someone who we care about who is in need.
This year, we are launching our 2nd annual Custom Fitness “Secret Santa” project to help one of our own Custom Fitness family members…Jesse.
Jesse has been training with Custom Fitness for about 3 months now and we are so grateful to have him! When you meet Jesse, you can’t help but notice his energy and passion for helping people as well as his encouraging motivation. He is filled with a kind spirit and a true passion to help people find their best self. Jesse and his brother were adopted as children and raised by a wonderful couple. Jesse was blessed to get to know his biological father as well. On the weekend of November 11th, Jesse’s biological father passed away. Not having anyone who was closer than his children, Jesse and his brother not only lost their father but also had to take on the burden of the funeral costs. Something that isn’t cheap and that not many people have savings to cover.
We are launching our 2nd annual Secret Santa Project to hep Jesse pay the funeral costs for his father.
Beginning today through December 31st, the proceeds of any retail purchase made at Custom Fitness as well as any Count Down To Christmas Events  will be donated to the Secret Santa fund for Jesse. 
I hope you will join me in this year’s project to help Jesse and his family be a bit more at ease this Christmas Holiday.