To some people it’s like a badge of honor when their legs are shaky as they leave their workout.

For others, they enjoy feeling “strong” in their legs afterwards.

My goal has always been to help people to feel great after a workout (even if it is 45 minutes later) and hopefully not need help getting up off the toilet the next day.  

With that in mind, I’d like to share a great leg routine (see videos below) that you can take to your own level to make sure you get what you feel is a “great” experience from it.

**If you have trouble with your knees, check out the modification options below.
**If you don’t have “discs” or “sliders”, use paper plates on carpet or dish towels on tile/wood
Perform each exercise with an appropriate weight (if you haven’t been working out lately, go lighter, if you have, use what you normally would).

You’ll perform each exercise in a ladder style – exercise #1 for 10 reps, exercise #2 for 10 reps, exercise #3 for 10 reps. Then decrease the reps to 9 for the next round, then 8 , then 7 and so on down to 1.

Try not to take breaks between but keep moving.
Modified Version