Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re getting back to talking about home programs, gym memberships, or investing in a coach and which is the best value. This is the last part in our three part series. So if you missed part one you can see it here: https://customfitness.biz/2018/02/06/home-program-gym-membership-invest-coach-best-value-time-money-part-1-custom-fitness-amarillo-personal-trainers/

And if you missed part two you can see it here: https://customfitness.biz/2018/02/07/home-program-gym-membership-invest-coach-best-value-time-money-part-2-custom-fitness-amarillo-personal-trainers/

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So last time we were really getting into what you need from a personal trainer. Today we’re going to dive back in with some more great information for you.

So like I said last time,  you have to make sure that you have a customized program in place that you effectively change every few weeks to keep you away from that plateau.

And again, that’s part of the job as a coach to make sure that you’re getting all of these things. They make sure that you have a complete program.

For example, maybe the coach says to workout four days a week. You have four days a week of a program to do, that’s going to effectively change your body. And what’s going to happen? Every four weeks you’re going to be checked on progress, assessments, measurements, body composition, and with that we’re going to see how the body is responding to what you’re doing.

So you’re going to be getting a full approach from investing in that coach. And you’ll notice that I’m using a very important word, and this word is important to me. That word is invest. .It’s investing in your health.

A lot of people see gyms and health options as expenses. Some of them are because they don’t provide you with the value that you need, so they become a monthly expense that you either are using or not using.

How many of you have some of those home based programs (maybe the streaming live videos that cost $10-$15 a month), but how often do you use them? A lot of people don’t even use them for six or seven months at a time. It’s kind of like their gym membership.

There’s a popular gym here that has a pool, so a lot of people will have a membership year round and only go to the pool during those three months during the summer. So we waste a lot of time and a lot of money on these things that don’t provide us value.

However, if you invest in your health, then take the time to invest in a coach that will actually provide you with a solution for how to reach your goals. That’s really what you’re paying for in the end; to reach your goals.

So if you’re going to a trainer and they’re not providing you with that progress, and you are following the plan the way you’re supposed to, then there is a problem there.

And if you’re doing it on your own, and you’re on Pinterest trying to find workouts, nutrition plans, and you’re just trying to sort through the information overload, it can be exhausting. Doing all of that research is a lot of work.

And i’m going to tell you, I wouldn’t go and extract my own tooth, I let my dentist do that. That’s what he does, that’s what he’s good at, that’s what he went to school for. And the same thing goes for us here, exercise and nutrition is what we know. We research, we live it everyday, we experience it everyday, and we are with clients everyday because we want to be able to help you get the best results possible.

So next time that you’re trying to make the decision between how to start those new habits, and what is the best place for you, ultimately the decision comes down to you.

What do you value? Do you value socialization at the gym? Do you value just being able to do something easy from home? Do you value the short term program? Or do you value actually getting results from something that not only works, but is sustainable and simple? So those are the things to ask yourself.

So that ends our three part series on home programs, gym memberships, or investing in a coach! I had so much fun writing this series for y’all this week. As a personal trainer in Amarillo, this is really where my passion lies. Getting you the information that you need to make the best decision for you is really what I always set out to achieve. So I hope all of you got something out of this series that will push you towards making those changes in your life that you want to see.

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Like I’ve said, we provide a full nutrition plan that is customized to you. We start with foundations on that nutrition plan, and yes it is food based. With this you can start to teach your family how to eat. You can eat with them, rather than having to have separate meals for each member of the family. You also get adjustments on that nutrition plan as you continue that are customized for you. We build on those foundations that you started with and check in on those habits you’ve been building to see what is working best for you. To get your consultation set up, give us a call today at 806-322-3188 or you can always email us at info@customfitness.biz  And if you missed part one you can read it here: https://customfitness.biz/2018/02/06/home-program-gym-membership-invest-coach-best-value-time-money-part-1-custom-fitness-amarillo-personal-trainers/

And you can find part two here: https://customfitness.biz/2018/02/07/home-program-gym-membership-invest-coach-best-value-time-money-part-2-custom-fitness-amarillo-personal-trainers/

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