Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re getting back to talking about home programs, gym memberships, or investing in a coach and which is the best value. This is part two in our three part series. So if you missed part one you can see it here: https://customfitness.biz/2018/02/06/home-program-gym-membership-invest-coach-best-value-time-money-part-1-custom-fitness-amarillo-personal-trainers/

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So to get back into our options, the second option is the gym membership.

You go, and basically the way it goes, is that you pay money to rent the machines. You pay money to rent the facility in order to do your workouts.

So really you have the classes and the machines. And the classes during this time of year get filled up pretty quick, and not all classes are appropriate for everyone. So you might get something fun, you might not be able to get in at all, or you might do a class and not see any results from it. So there is really a lot going on there that you have to keep in mind as far as value.

With the machines, do you know what to do with them, or not so much? Because you’re not getting a true program to work with. It’s more of a go in and do the circuit situation, or talk with someone and see what they’re doing. That’s typically not your best option if you truly want body change.

You want to make sure that you have a truly great plan. So that leaves you on your own to find a program hoping that it works, and taking it to the gym and figuring out if it works with what they’ve got.

And overall with nutrition, there is no nutrition unless you’re hiring a nutrition coach. So if we’re talking just a basic gym membership here, there’s no nutrition involved there. We all know that nutrition is about 70-80% of the puzzle when it comes to your health, wellness, and physique. So you really have to make sure that you have that nutrition in play.

You have little to no accountability. Gyms typically don’t care if you show up or if you don’t. And there is also little to no goal tracking and progress measurements. Every now and then they may offer days where you can come in and do a progress track and let someone measure you, but that’s rare and typically comes from paying extra.

So those are the options that people typically run to because they are they are the cheaper options. They are the ones that seem like they’re going to be the best fit for your lifestyle, even though those are the ones that people typically tend to purchase and never use.

So you have that tag on your keyring, but how often do you actually go to the gym? I actually have a friend that has three of those tags on their keyring and they don’t go to any of those gyms. Their wife does and their kids do, but they don’t actually go to them.

So you have that problem. And then you have the fact that you thought it would be a really good idea at first, but then you got into it and your realized that it’s a lot more work than you thought. Feeling things like that start to break down and deter and break down that value of what you’re getting as far as money goes.

You pay those rates. You pay $40 a month, or $60 a month, or whatever it may be for that gym membership. So are you getting value out of that? Are you actually changing your health and your wellness? Sure they have a lot of things that they are offering to you that are a part of the package that you paid for, but do you use them? Is it being valuable to you?

So let’s look at that third option now. We all know that I’m a little biased on this, but the numbers don’t lie.

The research shows us that people who do home programs and people who do gym memberships, typically don’t find the right answers for them that last longer than the short term duration programs. So you’re looking at results that last maybe six months to a year at the longest, and people start backtracking.

What the research shows us, is that whenever you start investing in a coach for your health, the results tend to stick longer. That is because you have a plan and nutrition that has been customized to you, accountability through that coach, and goal tracking and progress measurements.

And again, all coaches do things differently, all personal trainers do things differently, so there can be a lot of variance in that. But i can guarantee that if you come to our studio, each one of our Amarillo personal trainers work the same way for all clients as a team.

At Custom Fitness we provide a full nutrition plan that is customized to you. We start with foundations on that nutrition plan, and yes it is food based. With this you can start to teach your family how to eat. You can eat with them, rather than having to have separate meals for each member of the family.

You also get adjustments on that nutrition plan as you continue that are customized for you. We build on those foundations that you started with and check in on those habits you’ve been building to see what is working best for you. If something isn’t working for you, then we try a different approach that is customized to your needs.

The exercise portion, it’s the same. You can go in go hard and doing the same thing each time, and for some it’s going to change their bodies drastically, but for the vast majority of the public it’s either going to invoke a response where you don’t want to go because it’s too much, or to where you don’t feel good afterwards, or to where you just don’t see the results as you did in the beginning.

Change will cause change. So if you change your routine, and you start working out when you haven’t, it doesn’t really matter what you do, your body will see change. But, can you sustain that change, and is that enough of a change for you? So if you stop seeing results after the first three to four weeks, was that all of the results that you wanted to get, or could your body be more healthy and fit by continuing on down the path? And that means changing up what you’re doing.

I’m going to end part two here. In the final part of this series we’re really going to get into what you need from a personal trainer.

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