Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about health and happiness. This is going to be the second part in a three part series, so be on the lookout for part three coming soon. Now be sure to read part one if you haven’t already at the link here: And as always, if you have any questions about today’s blog then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

So last time we were looking into the changes that I made to help with my own health and happiness. The other thing that I did was I symbolically took the one cushion, my favorite spot in the house to sit down and watch TV, and I raised that cushion up and I left it that way all day long until the kids went to bed. And I did that on purpose because sometimes in the evening after a hard day of work it’s really easy to say, “I’m too tired. I don’t want to. I can’t. I’ve gotta do this other.” So by doing that, that gave me, again symbolically, the motivation to be more present and engaged with what all was going on.

So that’s my story. Maybe there’s something similar that you need to work on in your life in order to take out what doesn’t matter and put in the time for what does matter. Food kind of falls into this category, too, of taking out what doesn’t matter. A lot of times we are so attached to specific foods, typically sweets or carbs or, you know, there’s all these trigger foods. It could be Coke or thing like that. When you’re attached like that, you actually start to neglect other things, right? And food, maybe you’re neglecting other nutrition, but it can even get to the point where emotionally you start to neglect yourself and others because of these food cravings.

So as you start to take away what doesn’t matter or what doesn’t matter as much, start to look at that food process as well and see what you’re emotionally attached to at the moment because as humans we get emotionally attached to a lot of things, but food is the number one and we need to start to pull back and understand who we are, what we’re doing, and how we need to fix that.

So making those changes, as I said, can be very scary. A lot of people are just more afraid of change than others. I’m one of those. I struggle with change every day and I feel like as a working mom that sometimes that comes out of the fact that we are so busy focusing on everything else, for everyone else, that changing one more thing just seems like it’s gonna be the straw that broke the camel’s back. But a lot of times that change can actually be such a blissful, amazing transition into the health and happiness that you’ve been looking for.

So it’s worth a try to go and work in that direction. What helps to do that, well finding an accountability partner or more or maybe a support person or a group of people to really help not only hold you accountable, but that help support you through those changes. Again, change is not an easy thing for most humans. It’s just not something that’s in our nature. So as we start to work in that direction, it’s always great to have people that you can call and talk to about how you’re having hard day or how these changes are just really going your way or they’re not going your way. Kinda get some extra feedback from that person. That’s a great thing to do.

So I actually had a client who fell in this category. Her name was Lola and this was many years ago. But she joined in and we had started doing some nutrition coaching in like small groups. And so she started coming to a nutrition group. Well she was more than a hundred pounds overweight. She had tried every diet that you could think of, she had gone to three or four different personal trainers and done all these health clubs and things like that and just couldn’t get the weight off.

So, she joined this group and we got her into a semi-private group training setting as well where she should train with about three other people and through that process she created a support system that not only gave her the confidence to do what she had initially decided to do, which was lose weight, but that she had the confidence and the motivation to continue when the path was hard.

So through a four month process, she lost about thirty pounds and almost like 22 to 25 inches. In that realm. She was ecstatic and she kept going. She was with me for years and years and loved working with her. We got her down to her goal weight. She was able to do what she wanted to do. But she only did that because of the support and accountability that she’d gotten from myself and the team, as well as from the clients that she was able to meet and mingle with and create that community and that relationship with.

So i’m going to end part two here. In part two we’re going to be talking more about health and happiness.

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