Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about how your greatest changes come from consistency. This is going to be the first part in a two part series, so be on the lookout for part two coming soon. And if you have any questions about today’s blog, then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

In life our greatest changes come from consistency, not magic.

Now, a lot of people wouldn’t rely on magic for when it comes to things like weight loss, muscle definition, or body shape changes. However, a lot of times we do use things that are similar to magic.

Some use things from supplement companies that tell you “If you take this one pill you’ll see the changes overnight!” and other crazy things like that. We see this kind of thinking in things like crash diets, juicing plans, cleanses, workout programs, etc… And in the end it all turns out to be something that only causes a false sense of change.

So what am I talking about?

Well, the body is made to adapt. It’s such a miraculous thing. So when the body is made to adapt,  change is going to cause change. What I mean by that is if you change your lifestyle, change what you’re eating, just all around change what you’re doing, then your body is going to adapt to that. And your body can adapt in a good or bad way.

So if you increase your activity level, then you might burn some extra calories and cause some good change in the body. If you decrease your calorie level then your body is going to think that it doesn’t need to burn as many calories and hold onto what you have at the moment and that will lower things. So you want to make sure that when you are changing, that you are changing in the right way.

So you may be asking, “If those other things work, then why not do them? If this crash diet works, then why not do it?”

Well, it will work for a little while, but that’s because typically what that crash diet or whatever it may be is doing is it’s changing the physiology of your body. It does that not because it’s enhancing your health, but because it’s degrading your health. So a lot of those so called “magic” pills that are out there, typically cause a worsening of health, and you may not notice it.

Maybe you’re in your 20s and 30s and if you do something and it works you figure you’ll keep going with it. And that can be great, but you really don’t see the long term disadvantages of it. A lot of these so called “magic fixes” cause a lot of long term chronic disease, or a lot of long term chronic pain. It’s making the body unhealthy, and those things that I listed can lead to even more serious problems.

This leads to people waking up and wondering what they did the other day to be feeling this much pain, and then realizing that it wasn’t something from the other day but something from 15-20 years ago that is causing problems for them. The body builds up these memories of things. It builds up inflammation, it builds up injury, all of these things will catch up. All of these things accumulate and turn into these huge problems.

So your greatest change comes from consistency, but with whatever you’re doing you have to do it right. Don’t do something unless you’re going to do it right.

So while the body will respond to any stimulus, why not make sure that stimulus is something that is going to support you both in your physique desires and in your health desires. Because I don’t know anyone that wants to be less healthy. They may not be focused on being more healthy, but they don’t want to be less healthy. I mean, how many times during the flu season have you heard “I don’t have time to be sick.” No one wants to be less healthy, no one wants to be the person that can’t do what they want to because of their health. Everyone wants to be healthy!

So whether being healthy is your primary focus or not, it is a part of the focus that you have in life is to be more healthy. In order to do this you have to make sure that the changes that you are causing are going to get you to your goals.

One of the goals that we all have are our physique goals. We all have those goals to look better, feel better, and to weigh less. Well, sometimes weighing less isn’t as big as a piece of the picture as what you think it is. Sometimes we tend to make it the whole picture, and it’s really just one tiny piece.

So i’m going to end part one here. In part two we’re going to be talking more about making those changes and I’m going to share a story with you.

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