Hi guys, Kris from Custom Fitness here, your personal trainer in Amarillo. Today I’m going to be talking about getting back on track after the holidays. If you would like more information on how to stay on track during the holidays, give us a call at 806-322-3188.

Were you thrown off during Thanksgiving? It’s only here in Texas that I can really say that it’s time to get back on the horse on something. It seems that no matter where I travel to people ask if I ride my horse to get around Texas. It’s obviously not something that I do if you know me very well, but getting back on the horse is a nice analogy.

So Thanksgiving comes along and really upsets the bubble of your norm- the stride of daily life. Now all the sudden, you’ve missed your workout for a few days, you get off track, you’ve stopped eating as well as you used to, you keep attacking those leftovers, and it seems that everyone keeps making you taste test their Christmas desserts. It’s the time of the season where everyone tries to express their love for you through cookies, and now you feel emotionally obligated to eat said cookies.

Now, how do you get back on track? Well, first off, you’re allowed to get off track! Enjoy life, it’s fine to get out of the bubble sometimes, just know how to find your way back. The trouble doesn’t come from the occasional splurge, it comes when you can’t get back after that splurge. When you’re done, it seems so hard to get back on track and that may be because it was so hard to be on the track in the first place. So what we want to work on is finding a way to get back on track after that splurge or that time off. I’ve been a personal trainer in Amarillo for almost two decades, and I know that life happens, and sometimes you can’t control the circumstances of your situation. Once you get back on track with life, it’s time to get on track with your health and fitness goals.

First thing to do in getting back on track, is clean out the kitchen. If it’s thanksgiving, holiday party, or just in general leftovers that’s throwing you off, then you have to deal with that. If you worry about waste, then there are a million places that food can go. You can take it to neighbors, family, churches, shelters, or to the homeless. There are a lot of people in need this time of year, and if you’re just eating that food to eat it, then why not just share it? So that’s step number one: get the kitchen cleaned out so that you only have the things that you need. If it’s in the kitchen, then it could easily become that midnight snack.

Now, for step two, instead of saying “I got off track, there’s a million things that I need to do…”, focus on one thing at a time. Pick one thing that you need to work on that you can get better at doing today. If you can get better at one thing today, then maybe next week you can add another one, and then you’re better at doing two things, and then you can add another one in, and so on and so forth. If you try to start off with too much on your plate, then you usually don’t end up succeeding because you have so many things that you try to split your attention between, that you really can’t get a firm ground on it. If you take your list down to one, then you can definitely do that one thing better that day. So let that be your focus; find one thing that you need to improve upon and start to do better at that thing today.

So we’ve cleaned out the kitchen, done one thing better today, and the last part is getting back into the exercise. If you miss just a few workouts, or a few weeks, your body can really tell the difference, but you don’t always feel the motivation to get back in it mentally. You might not be feeling like you want to get back to the gym. You can argue in your mind that you have a million things to do and have no time, but we always have time for something. You may not have time for the perfect workout, but you have time to do something to remind your body of how exercise makes you feel. Anything is better than nothing. So today, start with a ten to fifteen minute workout. It can be simple ab workouts on the floor or squats and lunges, just make it something that you can do. You can easily find a few exercises to get in during a ten to fifteen minute period, and that starts to remind your body what it feels like to start to build that energy back up, speed up your metabolism, and get back in the groove of things.

So if you’ll try those three things out: cleaning out the kitchen, pick one thing each day to work at getting better at, and start with a ten to fifteen minute workout each day to remind yourself what it feels like. What this is going to do is promote consistency, not perfection, but consistency which is going to get you back on track and ultimately lead you to your goals. Now perfection would obviously get you to your goals a little faster right? But, perfection isn’t always obtainable, or really ever obtainable. Eventually someone is going to drop off. Even if they start off doing everything right, by the book, they will eventually drop off and not see their results because they stopped. However, if you move slower, at a consistent pace, then you’re going to see those results tenfold. In having those results, you’ll see them last for a lifetime where you can maintain them, and where you can learn to get back on the horse after something like Thanksgiving comes back around.

So, if knowing how to get back on track is something that you need help with, we have a team that not only supports you but understands these types of issues. We will push you in the right direction without trying to make you feel guilty. We want to support you in a way that will be beneficial  and positive for you to be able to continue it for a lifetime. We know that a lot of people get into training situations and have trainers that really just lay guilt upon them, yell at them, get upset with them, and that is who we aren’t. I’ve been a personal trainer in Amarillo for almost 18 years now and i’ve seen a lot of different types of trainers and that’s why Custom Fitness is not that way. I want to make sure that our team is there to support you and to help you through these changes, because we know that they’re hard.

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