80% of People who sign up for a gym quit within 5 months?

Your BEST intentions don’t always mean that you will follow through.

Gyms can be disappointing.

But, why do we give up?

You want results, but long lines for machines, overcrowded classes and lack of a nurturing environment can all be distracting from your goals. Not to mention, some gym regulars seem to resent newcomers.


We’ve created a program that can help get your health back on track.

We’ve held nothing back! This program will include EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET LASTING RESULTS!

Here’s what you should expect:

• INCREASED Muscle Tone

• INCREASED Metabolism


• LOSE Inches

• LOSE Weight

• LOSE Body Fat

Small Group Training
Unlimited Training Sessions
Nutrition Manual
Full Support & Accountability
Grocery Store Tour
Private Facebook Weekly "Webinars"
Home Workouts
Small Group Training
Unlimited Training Sessions
Nutrition Manual
Full Support & Accountability
Grocery Store Tour
Private Facebook Weekly "Webinars"
Home Workouts
Small Group Training
Unlimited Training Sessions
Nutrition Manual
Full Support & Accountability
Grocery Store Tour
Private Facebook Weekly "Webinars"
Home Workouts

Space is Very Limited this time of year. Reserve your Placement TODAY.


What is SGT?

SGT stands for SMALL GROUP TRAINING. This is Custom Fitness’ way of customizing a solution for the people in Amarillo (and the surrounding areas) who really want a results based program of personal training but perhaps don’t feel that the private/semi-private options are right for them.

What can you expect when starting your SGT membership?

First: You will be taken through an on boarding session where we will discuss your health/fitness goals as well as take a baseline metric analysis (measurements, weight, body composition and photographs).

Second: You will receive a comprehensive nutrition manual that will give you all the details of how eating REAL FOOD can turn your health, fitness level and body around.

Third: You will receive a recommendation of which SGT sessions will help you reach your goals the fastest and an “ideal” schedule of when to attend those sessions.

Fourth: When you enroll for your SGT sessions (up to 3 hours prior to the session), you will receive a confirmation and reminder by email 24 hours prior to the session start time.

If you are unable to attend a session you have enrolled in, please be courteous to the other members and un enroll from the session so others may come.

What are the sessions like?

We offer 2 types of CORE sessions called SGT Strong & SGT Endurance.

SGT Strong is a session based on building strength and muscle tone (ie building your metabolism to be able to burn calories long after the workout). This workout will have a cardio element as well but will focus on the strength side.

SGT Endurance is a session based on burning fat through a HIIT style workout. This is going to rev up your metabolism for the next 30 hours and help you to melt the fat off. You will be utilizing both strength and cardio exercises to complete this workout.

You will have a common warm up between the 2 core sessions and will be taught how to perform that warm up at your first session.

Monday through Saturday will host different workouts daily but these workouts will remain the same (Monday, same as next Monday) for 3-4 weeks and then they will be changed. This will keep your mind and body from getting bored and keep the results coming.

We also offer 2 CROSS training style classes that will allow your body to recover and your mind to hone in on how to perfect your physical output.

Yoga is a basic to intermediate level session that is perfect for adding recovery into your routine. It is recommended that you perform some type of recovery session 2-4 times weekly to reap the biggest benefits from your hard work.

Pilates is a session completely focused on the core. Ribs to hips, front, back and sides. This session is going to help you activate your core in ways you never knew you could while benefiting your other SGT sessions. More than just a set of rocking abs, you’re going to feel the benefit through the whole body!

What kind of equipment will I need and where can I get it?

During the SGT programs, we have the equipment needed for the studio workouts at the studio. If you are working out at home, a few good ideas to have are:


Resistance bands

“stick” or foam roller

Paper plates or dish towels (depending on the flooring you’re working out on)

We have many of these items available in our Fit Shop at the studio for your convenience and even have Rental Programs available for some items. Talk with a team member to make sure what you already have or are planning to purchase is the right fit for what you are needing.

How will my success be measured?

You will receive a baseline metric analysis at your on boarding session and will have another assessment during the last week of your “current” membership plan (ie. You sign up for 30 days, you assess day 1 and then the last week of the 30 days. OR you sign up for 90 days, you assess day 1 and then the last week of the 90 days). These post measurements are the member’s responsibility to schedule.

We focus on a broad spectrum of assessment to make sure we have all of the “dots” to put together. During your metric analysis’ you will have the following components measured/taken: weight, girth, body composition (fat and lean muscle), photographs.

What if I need more help?

We are here to help! So if you are participating in ANY of our programs and have questions or need help with what you are doing, we would love to help. Call the studio 806-322-3188 to talk with any of our team members- they will either be able to answer your question or get you in touch with the person who can.

Where will I enroll for sessions?

You can find the sessions at https://customfitness.pike13.com/schedule

If you are a tenant of the Chase tower, you may choose either red or blue sessions. If you are NOT a tenant of the Chase tower, you may choose any of the RED sessions.

Can I add in some one on one coaching as well?

Absolutely! Some of our clients participating in our SGT program enjoy having 1-2 days each week of one on one coaching to go along with their membership. By doing this, they are able to enjoy the benefits and results of customized programming (exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modification) while learning to better understand what and how to do the SGT sessions, therefore making each session that much more beneficial towards reaching their goals.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Call us! 806-322-3188. We WANT to help so please feel free to call us with any questions.

Will I have the same trainer throughout the program?

Our training team does rotate. We feel that multiple eyes on form and differing strengths only helps to improve your experience.

What type of workouts can I do at home if I don't have any equipment?

On our video host site (which is provided as a perk to our SGT members), we have at least 3 workouts prepared for you that include body weight only exercises.

What kind of nutrition are we talking about?

We LOVE food! We want to help you understand balance and timing of your FOOD intake during this program.

Is this a supplement program?

While there are some beneficial supplements out there (ie. probiotics, fish oil, etc.), this program is focused around the balance and timing of your FOOD intake.

How many workouts each week do you recommend?

For SGT participants who are looking to lose weight, we recommend 4-5 “active” workouts each week as a starting point. We also recommend 1-2 “recovery” workouts each week such as yoga or Pilates.

How do I get started?

There are 2 ways to get started, first you can call the studio 806-322-3188. From there, we can schedule your on boarding session to get you started and take your baseline metric analysis. Second, you can sign up online at https://customfitness.pike13.com/schedule. After your registration is complete, we will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule your on boarding session.

Do you offer childcare?

Yes and No. We DO have a children’s playroom that is built more like a home-environment. The toys are geared towards ages 5 and under. We DO NOT have a caretaker in that room but rather have closed-circuit cameras connected to TV’s in the workout areas so you can SEE your children at all times. We are a smaller facility than your normal “big box” gym so you are also able to HEAR your children at all times. When you are at the studio working out, our goal is for you to feel comfortable and at ease. Therefore, if you need to step out of a workout to check on your children, please feel free.