Hi I’m Kris Stokes from Custom Fitness Personal Training Studio.  Finish the sentence for me:

IF I ________________ THEN I will be healthy & happy.

I hear it all the time, IF I-

  • Lose weight
  • Get toned
  • Had more energy
  • Just stop eating the food in the break room
  • Could sleep better
  • Had another day off
  • Had someone else to cook for me
  • Had an extra room for a home gym
  • Had less stress

THEN I would be healthy & happy. I would have everything I want.

A few years back, I hired a business coach to help me figure out how to run my business without feeling like I was drowning in it. I never went to school to learn “business”. I went to school to learn how to help people.

At the time, I was working 6 days a week and most of those were 10 hour days. Not bad if you’re single but when you throw the mix of a husband and precious kiddos into it, it’s not sustainable or enjoyable, or at least it wasn’t for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people and would do it all day long, but I also love spending time with my family and it was time to make some adjustments.

The coach I decided to hire understood that, in fact he had a similar situation in his past. I was determined to learn from the best and figure this thing out.

So during our first conversation, he asked me to write down all the tasks I was currently doing for the business and the tasks I’d like to change. So I did.

The funny thing was that when I made the list…and it was a long list, it felt overwhelming to consider any change. I couldn’t fathom how the life I was currently living could change enough to allow me to enjoy both my work and my family.

I put the list away and a couple of days later pulled it back out. As I looked it over with fresh eyes, I figured out that I already had control over 90% of it. I decided at that moment (ok, it took me an hour) to start.

To start to make the changes that I had control over. I changed my hours, I delegated some work and I blocked off time in my schedule for daily tasks that used to run me ragged.

By the time we had our next conversation, I only had a few things to go over with my coach. We hadn’t even begun yet and he had already helped me to see that I had control over at least some of the things in my life.

So the next time that you find yourself in the midst of the If I ____________Then I will be healthy & happy, take a step back.

Don’t let your success hang on the hook of IF. Take control of the pieces you have control over (there may just be more than you realize) and START.

We get to CHOOSE each day who we are, what we want to stand for, our values, and what we want to do. It’s our choice, it’s YOUR choice. Happiness doesn’t have to wait for “IF”. Happiness can happen today. It’s a choice just like everything else.

Choose Happiness. Choose Health. Start today. Call us at 806-322-3188.