Hi guys,  Kris from Custom Fitness here, your Amarillo personal trainer. Today we’re going to be talking about finding you boundaries and learning how to not over or under eat. This is going to be the first part in a two part series, so be one the lookout for part two coming tomorrow! If you have any questions about today’s blog then please give us a call at (806)-322-3188

So what we’re getting into today is playing a hunger game. What that’s going to do is help you learn whether or not you truly need to eat, or you’re just emotionally grabbing for food. Whether that emotion is from boredom, fatigue, stress, or whatever emotion it may be, a lot of people struggle with this. And as they start to want to change their body and start to eat better, they aren’t sure how many times a day to eat. You’ll hear different schools of thought on eating depending on what you’re looking at or who you’re talking to, so I want to try and clarify that for y’all.

So you can anywhere from three to five times a day and be totally fine. Some people really feel great with eating snacks in between, but other people feel like it makes them want to graze all day long. They feel like they’re just constantly nibbling on something. And then there’s people that feel like three meals a day is great, but they really aren’t that hungry so they’ll eat maybe two meals or one meal.

While in all honesty that can work well as intermittent fasting for some, others can have really big problems with it. So you really want to be listening to your body and relearn how to hear the signals that it’s giving.

If you think about babies, when they’re born they’re eating every two hours, and they’re constantly letting you know when something is wrong. As people grow, we put off eating, drinking water, and everything else we need to be doing because we’re distracted by something else.

So, when we’re talking about a hunger game, the truth is that with nutrition, while there are certain foundations to follow, it’s really a form of experimentation with the individual person. I say that because with each person they have to take those foundations and then adjust them to work for their body.

So each person’s body is completely different and unique. Anywhere from the foods that they enjoy eating, to the way they digest those foods.  So not everyone can take in those same foods and see the same results from that. You want to make sure that you’re paying attention to whether or not you are actually hungry, and that’s really the big topic today.

So, are you hungry? Maybe?

Maybe is one of those answers where if you’re thinking that, maybe you want to take a step back and pause. Pay attention to your physical cues, see if maybe your stomach is growling, or you have really low energy, or if you have gotten to a feeling of hangry that no one likes. Really just take the time to pause and evaluate whether or not you are at a maybe. After that you can take it in one direction or the other.  

So if from your maybe you go into a probably not, then hold off until those signs of hunger start to present themselves. Find something different to do.

So that’s the hard part, especially in the evening after you get home from work. You get home, you’ve done your nightly chores, and then all of the sudden you’re sitting on the same couch, eating the same snacks, watching the same show. If you’ve taught your body and your brain that habit, then whenever you’re trying to not eat, because you know that this is an emotional thing that when you’re bored you eat, and you sit on that same couch you’re brain will be wondering where the food is. So instead, know that you need to get up, and go to a different room or outside.

If you can distract yourself from that emotional eating, then a lot of times that will help. So if you can find something different to do during that time other than being in that same spot doing that same thing, then you’ll be able to trigger that in your brain so that it knows to do something different and forget about the food.

That doesn’t mean that it will forget it completely, it can still nag at you especially if it’s a sugar craving. And the sugar craving can be more of an addiction issue. So those are some things that you have to tell yourself that you’re not going to do tonight. And believe it or not, over a few days or weeks the body starts to respond to that and feel better with the new routine.

So after you stopped on that no side, it’s good to just see what it feels like to be okay with not being hungry. Sometimes you just don’t know what else to do. And consider here in America, the only way that we know how to socialize is by eating or drinking together.  When everybody has to go out to eat or drink together to hang out, they don’t know what else to do. So it’s kind of nice to just sometimes sit down and know that you’re not hungry, you can go do something else, and that’s okay.

So I hope you enjoyed part one on finding you boundaries and learning how to not over or under eat. I’m going to end part one here, but you’ll be able to read more in part two.

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